Can foreigners volunteer for the IDF?

Overseas residents can serve in the IDF through various volunteer programs which are for young non-Israelis of Jewish background who are legal residents in Israel (and descendants of a Jewish grandparent) and overseas Israelis who are younger than 24 (men), 21 (women), 36 (physicians).

How do I volunteer with the IDF?

Opening a volunteer file: After receiving an exemption from military service from the recruitment office, one can open a volunteering file on the spot. Applicants will be given documents that need to be filled out by medical authorities. After the forms are filled out they should be emailed to:

How can I volunteer in Israel?

The Top Types of Volunteer Opportunities in Israel

  1. Working on a Kibbutz. Kibbutzim are rural communes that have dotted the country since the ’20s.
  2. Marine Conservation.
  3. Desert Wildlife Conservation.
  4. Eco Building.
  5. Teaching English to At-Risk Youth.
  6. Helping out in a Vineyard.
  7. Volunteering in a Bakery.

Who can volunteer for the IDF?

age at enlistment: 18 and older. Israeli citizen. either resident of Israel after your 10th birthday or cumulated visits in Israel of more than 120 days in anyone of the calendar years after your 10th birthday. at least one of your parents resides in Israel.

What is the age limit to join the IDF?

Israel Defense Forces
Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi
Military age 17
Conscription 24–34 months

How much are Israeli soldiers paid?

Career soldiers are paid on average NIS 23,000 a month, fifty times the NIS 460 paid to conscripts. In 1998–2000, only about 9% of those who refused to serve in the Israeli military were granted exemption.

Can I volunteer for the IDF without becoming an Israeli citizen?

If you are interested in volunteering for the IDF without becoming an Israeli citizen, there are a few short-term volunteer programs available. Mahal: Mahal is an enlistment track dating back to the 1948 War of Independence specifically designed for foreign volunteers wishing to serve in the IDF and full combat and support roles.

What can I do in the Israeli army as a volunteer?

Volunteers will work alongside or under the direction of Israeli soldiers, and perform duties such as packing food rations or medical kits, cleaning tanks, painting helmets, radio repairs, gas mask refurbishment, changing spare parts, gardening, or cleaning. If you are looking to enlist in the army for a full-time service, visit this page.

How long does it take to serve in the IDF?

After eight weeks in this immersive army program, serving alongside fellow Jewish youth from countries around the world, you’ll know more about the inner workings of the IDF than you ever dreamed, and you’ll have experienced it firsthand.