Which is endemic to Western Ghats?

Many species are endemic, such as the Nilgiri tahr (Hemitragus hylocrius) and the lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus). In fact, 50 per cent of India’s amphibians and 67 per cent of fish species are endemic to this region.

How many endemic species are found in Western Ghats?

Among the indigenous species, 2,253 species are endemic to India and of them, 1,273 species are exclusively confined to the Western Ghats. Apart from 593 confirmed subspecies and varieties; 66 species, 5 subspecies and 14 varieties of doubtful occurrence are also reported, amounting to 8,080 taxa of flowering plants.

What are endemic fishes?

A fish species is considered endemic to a location if that is the only place it occurs naturally. It may have evolved in that region or over time has become so adapted to that specific environment that it cannot survive elsewhere.

Which is an endemic fish species to India?

Checklist of Endemic Freshwater Fish Species of India

ID Scientific_name Family_name
280616 Parambassis dayi Ambassidae
280617 Parambassis thomassi Ambassidae
280618 Amblyceps tenuispinis Amblycipitidae
280619 Aplocheilus kirchmayeri Aplocheilidae

Which of the following is an endemic species found in Western Ghats India Mcq?

Explanation: Brown palm civet is one of the endemic species of India. Brown palm civets are nocturnal and solitary. It is endemic to the rain forests of the Western Ghats in South India, mostly appear in Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve.

Which is the highly rare endemic tree of southern Western Ghats of India?

Vateria indica L. Distribution: Endemic to Western Ghats, throughout, on river sides and plains near coastal areas. Description: Large evergreen trees.

What are endemic species with examples?

Endemic species are plant and animal species that are found in a particular geographical region and nowhere else in the world. Some species are endemic to a continent while others can be endemic to an island. E.g., Lemurs of Madagascar and Tortoises of Galapagos.

What do you mean by endemic and exotic ornamental fishes?

Solution: A variety of fish species have been brought in from other nations and cultured in Indian freshwater. These fish are known as exotic fishes because they are not native to this country.

What is the name of one endemic fish of Nepal?

3.3 Endemic fish

Myersglanis blyrhii (Day) 1952
Psilorhynchus pseudecheneis Menon & Dutta 1962
Schizothorax macrophthalmus (Terashima) 1984
S. nepalensis (Terashima) 1984
S. raraensis (Terashima) 1984

How many fishes are found in India?

Answer: 2,546 species of fish. Explanation: as we know India is also rich in its fauna .

Which is the longest Ghat in India?

It ends in Poladpur. The road ascends/descends around 1300m from Mahabaleshwar to Poladpur. It is the longest ghat in Maharashtra….

Ambenali ghat
Elevation 625 m (2,051 ft)
Location Satara-Raigad Districts, Maharashtra, India
Range Western Ghats
Coordinates 17.93°N 73.55°E