What is Ducksters website?

About Ducksters. At Duckster’s our goal is to provide a fun and educational web site with lots of interesting content. We try to write articles that are informative, easy to read, and interesting. We hope to provide an informative place for people to learn, explore, and use the internet for research while having fun.

What are some credible sources for science?

Some of the sources we often refer to in our research include: Journal Databases/ Journals – Science Direct, SAGE journals, Emerald, JSTOR, Springer, The Lancet. Scientific Publications/ Speciality publications – Nature, Cell, Science, New Scientist, MIT Technology Review.

What are the best educational websites for kids?

Sesame Street. Younger children will love everything about Sesame Street’s online home.

  • Scholastic. Scholastic is one of the more unique educational websites for kids.
  • PBS Kids.
  • CoolMath.
  • TIME for Kids.
  • National Geographic Kids.
  • Starfall.
  • The KIDZ Page.
  • Fun Brain.
  • Exploratorium.
  • How do I introduce students to educational websites?

    – Post homework – Display lesson plans – Publish class schedules – Communicate with students and parents – Share news and announcements – Display photos – Provide resource links – Create a class calendar

    What are the best websites for kids?

    Aftershave splashes: Aftershave splash is probably what your dad’s dad (and his dad) used.

  • Aftershave lotions: If you find aftershave splashes too thin but aftershave balms too thick,you’ve met your match in an aftershave lotion.
  • Aftershave balms: Aftershave balms are for the guy who prefers a semi-solid consistency post-shave.
  • What are the best free online learning sites?

    It’s a Perfect Time to Study at Home.

  • Get Inspired With MasterClass.
  • Khan Academy Teaches the Basics.
  • Take Real University Classes Through Coursera.
  • Kahoot!
  • Skillshare Focuses on Creatives.
  • Wondrium Is Couch-side Edutainment.
  • LinkedIn Learning Helps You Brush Up for Business.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace.