Is polyethylene the same as Mylar?

While the term “Mylar” is typically used when referring generally to plastic film, Mylar® is actually the name of a popular polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film from DuPont Teijin Films™.

What is the difference between Mylar and DuraLar?

Dura-Lar is a polyester film that’s a mix between Mylar and Acetate. This film comes in a variety of different types (wet media, matte, clear, etc.) which all have specific features but overall, Dura-Lar is heat-resistant, durable (will not tear, absorb color, or discolor), and is acid free and archival.

Why is Mylar called Mylar?

Because of its popularity, the term “Mylar” is often used when referring generally to plastic film. However, Mylar® is actually the name of a popular PET film brand that belongs to the family of polyester brands from DuPont Teijin Films™ which also includes Melinex®.

What is the difference between Mylar and plastic?

The word “Mylar” is often used to generically refer to plastic film. However: Mylar® brand is a registered trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films for a specific family of products made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The true generic term for this material is polyester film.

What is the difference between acetate and Dura-Lar?

Dura-Lar is a polyester based film known for its clarity and stability. It has a high heat tolerance, will not tear or discolor and is archival. Acetate is a general purpose film that is biodegradable, tears easily, does not have a high heat tolerance and is NOT acid free or archival.

What is Dura-Lar used for?

Wet Media Dura-Lar . 004” film is specially coated on both sides to accept water-based mediums, markers, and inks without beading, chipping or running. Great for planning painting compositions, as a painting surface or printmaking. Simply wipe with a damp cloth for repeated use.

Why is Mylar shiny?

Insulation. Mylar is made reflective or metalized by sputtering a thin film of metal onto its surfaces. Much like aluminum foil, the reflective Mylar has one shiny side and one dull side. This type of Mylar is less permeable to gasses and reflects up to 99 percent of light, which is why it is often used in insulation.

What are the properties of Melinex® and Mylar® polyester films?

Melinex® and Mylar® Polyester Films Properties 1 Clear Optics 2 Excellent Mechanical Strength 3 Outstanding Dielectric Properties 4 Good Flatness and Coefficient of Friction 5 Tear or Puncture Resistant 6 Inert to Many Chemical Attacks

Does Tekra manufacture Melinex® and Mylar® film?

Tekra inventories Melinex® and Mylar® polyester film in a broad range of product types and gauges. We also apply functional custom coatings to polyester PET films in our clean room coating facility. Tekra inventories Melinex® and Mylar® polyester PET film in a broad range of product types and gauges.

What is Melinex®?

Melinex® is an optically clear, heat stabilised polyester film, which can be pre-treated on both surfaces to give enhanced adhesion to inks and lacquers, Melinex® has good temperature range, high tensile strength, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

Can Grafix plastics help with mylar® film?

Mylar ® brand is just the beginning! Whether you need a particular brand name polyester film, like Mylar ® brand, Melinex, Hostiphan ®, or Skyroll ®, or an application-specific film from our own DuraLar™ line, Grafix Plastics can help.