Is Calling Panther Lake open to fishing?

Calling Panther closed to boats The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP) has lowered the lake level and closed the boat ramp at the 512-acre lake just west of Crystal Springs in Copiah County.

How deep is Calling Panther lake?

Calling Panther Lake

Description: Calling Panther Lake is a 404 acre lake located in Copiah County, 5 mi. W of Crystal Springs off New Zion Rd. For information about Calling Panther Lake, please call (601) 892-4776
County: Copiah
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Coordinates: (31.9819161,-90.4897387)
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Where are fish biting in Mississippi?

Tombigbee State Park.

  • Lake Lowndes.
  • Aliceville Lake.
  • JP Coleman/Pickwick Lake.
  • Trace State Park.
  • Tippah County Lake.
  • When was calling Panther Lake built?

    General Information: Calling Panther Lake is a 404 acre state fishing lake that was built in 2003 and opened in 2006. This lake offers a unique fishing experience with dense stands of submerged timber and deep creek channels.

    When was Lake Okhissa built?

    The Okhissa Lake project was launched in 1999 with the goal of providing economic diversity and rural development in the Capital/River Region of southwest Mississippi. The building of the earthen dam in the Porter Creek Watershed was contracted to the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

    What kind of fish are in the Ross Barnett Reservoir?

    Smallmouth buffalo
    White crappieBlack crappieBluegillBowfin
    Ross R Barnett Reservoir/Fish

    What fish are biting in March in Mississippi?

    Typically in March we see the beginning of some Spanish mackerel migrating in the Mississippi sound. March is probably one of the best months to try and catch some Sheepshead. Let’s not forget about catching plenty of white trout, Southern kingfish, redfish, flounder, speckled trout and maybe some redfish.

    Does Mississippi have good fishing?

    As one of the five states that borders the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi is a notable fishing destination with both fresh and saltwater opportunities in the Southeast U.S. There are 119 freshwater public lakes throughout the state along with reefs and wrecks off the coast.

    Can you ski on Okhissa Lake?

    Although Okhissa Lake is known for its fishing, visitors can now enjoy pleasure boating and water skiing at Okhissa Lake. There is a buoyed ski area set aside for water skiing.

    How many acres is Okhissa Lake?

    Welcome to the Homochitto National Forest and beautiful Okhissa Lake, a 1075-acre recreational lake for fishing, boating, picknicking and a seasonal swimming area. Okhissa Lake currently offers many amenities and additional improvements are planned for the future.

    What kind of fish are in the Pearl River Mississippi?

    Bass, catfish and panfish call the Pearl home. During other seasons of the year, trout, flounder and reds migrate through the passes of the river. Winter bass fishing on the Pearl is all about water movement and condition.

    Are there alligators in the Ross Barnett Reservoir?

    Most of the Rankin County alligator population is located in and around Ross Barnett Reservoir and in the Pearl River to Ratliff Ferry.

    Where is Calling Panther Lake?

    Calling Panther Lake is a 404 acre lake located in Copiah County, 5 mi. W of Crystal Springs off New Zion Rd. For information about Calling Panther Lake, please call (601) 892-4776 23 camping pads with electrical/water/sewer hookups.

    What is the biggest fish you can catch at Calling Panther?

    The lake record for Calling Panther is a huge 15 pounder, but fish in the 10 pound range are fairly common for anglers who have figured the lake out. MDWFP’s newest state lake is famous for big bass, but the 500-acre jewel is also full of other fishing opportunities.

    Is there too much timber in Calling Panther Lake?

    The hotter the weather, the hotter the largemouth bass fishing gets at Lake Calling Panther, a 500-acre state lake near Crystal Spring in Copiah County. If there is such a thing as “too much timber” in a lake, then Calling Panther Lake might be the place.

    How to fish for crappie on Calling Panther?

    Live golden shiners work well when fishing for crappie on Calling Panther. If your fishing with jigs try using a small chartreuse colored jigs. . Try fishing for bream around structure.