How long does it take to lay 4 pallets of sod?

On average, laying 500 square feet of sod on prepared soil requires 1–1.5 hours of work. Because sod is delivered on pallets holding 500–700 square feet of sod, prepare to spend 1–2 hours of work for each pallet of sod.

How long does it take to lay 1 pallet of sod?

approximately 1-1 ½ hours
One pallet (600 square feet) generally takes 1 person approximately 1-1 ½ hours to install. Hard to access areas and those requiring a lot of cutting will take longer.

How long does sod last on a pallet?

Sod ordered in winter will last for up to a week on the pallet, but if you are installing in the hot summer it will only last for 24 hours or less. Watering the sod while still on the pallet will not help. The heat of decomposition is what will make the sod turn bad, not a lack of moisture.

How do you lay sod on a budget?

Sodding a Yard on a Budget

  1. Place a square piece of sod over a dead area of lawn.
  2. Remove the sod square and dig out the dead area to a depth equal to the thickness of the sod.
  3. Place the square section of sod in the dug-out area.
  4. Cut sod squares into strips with a sharp knife.

Should I till before laying sod?

Till the soil using a shovel or rototiller It is important to loosen the soil before planting new sod because it reduces compaction and makes it easier for the roots to grow into the soil. Also, the loose soil will hold moisture better, reducing the amount you have to water.

Should I fertilize newly laid sod?

Should I fertilize new sod? Absolutely! New lawns thrive with the application of quality fertilizer, which works to help create and maintain a sustainable root system that will keep your yard lush for years to come.

Can you walk on newly laid sod?

Take care not to walk or run on new sod, as this can prevent the fragile young roots from developing properly. If you have pets, try to prevent as much contact with the newly installed sod as possible.

Do I need to till before laying sod?

How do I ground my sod?

How to Till a Lawn Before Sodding

  1. Remove large debris from the lawn area, including rocks, branches or construction scraps.
  2. Till the top 6 inches of soil using a power tiller.
  3. Spread any desired soil amendments over the lawn area, such as compost.
  4. Rake the tilled lawn area smooth before installing the sod.

Will sod grow on compacted soil?

When your yard is covered in hard dirt, the sod isn’t likely to thrive, although it might not die. Instead, loosen and prepare the dirt so your sod can establish quickly and provide you with a lush, full lawn.