How get value from app config file in Windows service?

config at the time of installation. Because the exe running Installer is InstallUtil.exe and ConfigurationManager will look for InstallUtil.exe….Get Windows Service Name From App. Config In Installation

  1. Add following appSetting key in App.
  2. Add method to fetch value from App.

How do I add AppSettings in app config?

You can do this by following the below steps in Visual Studio,

  1. Right click your project in Solution explorer.
  2. Select “Add New item..”.
  3. In the “Add New Item..” dialog, select “Application Configuration File” and Click Add.
  4. You can now add AppSettings and put your config values here.
  5. Include System.

How read data from web config file in C#?

Read Connection string from web-config using C# string constring = ConfigurationManager. ConnectionStrings[“ABCD”]. ConnectionString; using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(constring)) { //do database operations like read table data or save data. }

How read config file in asp net core?

Reading the configuration File in ASP.NET Core

  1. Reading the Configuration.
  2. GetSection, Value, & GetValue methods.
  3. Parsing Value to Type.
  4. Binding to Objects.
  5. Using the Options Pattern.
  6. Use IOptionsSnapshot to read updated data.
  7. Reading Arrays from the Configuration file.
  8. Reading from XML.

How do I open Visual Studio app config?

Expand Installed > Visual C# Items, and then choose the Application Configuration File template. In the Name text box, enter a name, and then choose the Add button. A file named app. config is added to your project.

What is Appsettings in app config?

The element stores custom application configuration information, such as database connection strings, file paths, XML Web service URLs, or any other custom configuration information for an application.

What is the difference between web config and app config?

config is parsed at runtime, so if you edit the web. config file, the web application will automatically load the changes in the config file. app. config is parsed at compile time, so if you edit the app.

Where can I find the config file for my application?

The App.config is likely called {ProjectName}.exe.config given the fact that it is a Windows Service. Check to see if that file exists and is what you are looking for. The same place where your application (Windows Service) is. Check it out, if it’s not there place it in the same directory as of service.

Where are the Windows service configuration files stored?

If the Windows service has been built with .NET Framework, its configuration will be stored in the corresponding .config file, i.e., the name of the executable suffixed by “.config”, e.g., if the name of the executable is “XyzService.exe”, then the name of the .config file will be “XyzService.exe.config”. A couple of things to note:

Why is my App config file being transformed after installation?

If you installed the service after building it on the same machine using say, Visual Studio, then Visual Studio would have transformed the App.config file from the project and placed it in the build output folder automatically (and renamed it appropriately using the above naming convention).

Why can’t I read in my App Settings?

If you still have problems reading in your app settings then check that your app.config file is named correctly. Specifically, it should be named according to the executing assembly i.e. MyApp.exe.config, and should reside in the same directory as MyApp.exe.