Can you change course in LSE?

You can normally request to change your programme of study only during the Michaelmas term course selection period. Changes outside of this period will only be permitted in very exceptional circumstances. Please note that new students must be campus enrolled before requesting a programme transfer.

Can you apply to multiple LSE courses?

You are welcome to apply to more than one programme at LSE; however you should ensure that they are fairly similar to ensure that you are able to write a relevant and well-focused personal statement.

How many courses can you take in LSE?

Students wishing to complete their degree in three years typically enrol in two full courses (or equivalent) per study session (the equivalent of four full courses each year). Students can register for a maximum of four full courses (or equivalent) in one academic year.

How do I choose a course at LSE?

To select a course:

  1. Log into LSE for You using your LSE username and password.
  2. Expand the ‘Graduate Course Choice’ option in the left hand menu and select ‘Graduate Course Choice – Student’.
  3. Click on the ‘select or drop courses | accept or decline offers | withdraw requests’ button.

Can you get 2 offers from LSE?

It is not possible to hold more than one offer of a place at LSE. If you are unsuccessful for both of your initial choices, you can then add up to two new choices.

Can I apply for 2 Masters at LSE?

When completing your initial online application, you may choose up to two programmes in order of preference.

How hard are LSE Courses?

The academics at the London School of Economics were extremely challenging. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in the program to apply, but would caution that it is – from my experience – far more challenging and intense than most universities in America.

What is the general course at LSE?

The General Course is LSE’s study abroad programme. It allows students from overseas universities to spend a full academic year at LSE.

How do I select a course in LSE?

To select a course that is part of your programme regulations: 1. Log into LSE for You using your LSE username and password. 2. Navigate to “Selection of Courses” option in the left hand menu. 3. Chose the paper you want to select courses for and click ‘change selected course’.

What is the LSE leadership and change course?

The eight-week Leadership and Change online certificate course from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is designed to equip business leaders with the tools and expertise to survive, grow, and thrive in times of transformation.

What are the online certificate courses at LSE?

1 LSE Online Certificate Courses Public Policy Analysis Service Automation: Technologies and Implementation Real Estate Economics and Finance MBA Essentials Managerial Finance Business, International Relations and the Political Economy Negotiation Programme 2 What you will gain from these Online Certificate Courses? 3 LSE and Getsmarter

What are the different terms at LSE?

LSE has three terms: Michaelmas Term (MT), Lent Term (LT) and Summer Term (ST) All three terms have their origins in ancient happenings – Biblical and weather related. There is no teaching in the summer term, which, in keeping with the other two, could have been called Hell Term, as it is reserved only for exams.