What is custom made tray?

 Custom tray: an individualized impression tray made from a cast recovered from a preliminary impression.  It is used in making a final impression.

What are custom impression trays used for?

Purpose. The purpose of an impression tray can be remembered by using “the 3 Cs”—to carry, control, and confine the impression material. Custom-made impression trays made from either acrylic or VLC resins are used in final impressions for crown and bridge restorations and for denture construction.

What is the first step in making a custom tray?

Whats the first step in making a custom tray? Making a model or cast of the patients teeth.

What are the purposes of a tray in dentistry?

Dental impression trays are special devices that dentists use to place the impression material in. They also carry the material inside the mouth with the tray, plus control the whole impression process. These are an essential part of several procedures in dentistry.

Which material is carried in custom tray?

Which material is carried in a custom tray? Ans; C, Metallic oxide paste or rubber base materials are used in a custom tray during final impression. Impression compound , reversible hydrocolloid and irreversible hydrocolloid are used in a stock tray for preliminary impression.

What are different types of trays?

We will discuss the operating principles of 3 common types of trays: sieve, valve and bubble-cap. Other Tray Types Many other types of trays are available.

What is valve tray?

A valve tray is a flat perforated plate, with each perforation fitted with a movable disk (the “valve”).

What is a special tray?

A special tray is a custom made device prepared for a particular patient which is used to carry, confine and control an impression material while making an impression.

What is border molding?

The border molding technique is the shaping of the border areas of a custom impression tray by manual or functional manipulation of the tissue adjacent to the borders in order to duplicate the size and contour of the vestibule resulting in maintains of the peripheral seal during function.

What are custom trays?

5.  Custom tray: an individualized impression tray made from a cast recovered from a preliminary impression.  It is used in making a final impression. 6. Why Use Custom Trays? Custom trays provide anatomically correct extension of denture impressions. Allow homogeneous thickness of impression material. Provide accuracy.

Why choose custom dental trays?

Pindan Dental Laboratory creates custom trays on the particular patient’s cast so that it would be perfectly shaped for their specific case. As such, they represent a far better alternative to predefined stock trays.

What is an impression tray used for?

A custom tray is used to help insert and remove the impression material more easily. There are several classifications of impression trays, segmented according to the: Edentulous, which are rounded and intended for patients without teeth Dentulous, which are more square in shape and intended for patients with teeth

What is a sectional tray for dentures?

The use of sectional trays has been a common solution for patients with limited oral opening. 6–10 This type of custom tray has been reported as helpful in both border molding and final impression making for denture fabrication. 11,12 Proper extension and contour of the tray is essential to the success of the impression procedure. 4,13–15