Is Samara worth visiting?

The main beach, Playa Samara, is the area’s most popular and for good reason. The cove has relatively calm water due to a coral reef just offshore. This makes it a decent place to swim and also enjoy water sports. It’s one of the better beaches in Costa Rica for families.

Is Samara good for surfing?

Samara and Carrillo: Samara is a fun little authentic Costa Rican surf side village. The waves are perfect for beginners during high tide, usually waist to chest high. Just south of Samara, Playa Carrillo offers great surfing for experienced surfers with head high waves at the south end of the beach during high tide.

How do I get to Samara?

First, the best airport to fly into for Samara is Liberia International Airport.

  1. Driving to Samara. Liberia International Airport is a 2 hour drive to Samara.
  2. Shuttle. There are private and shared shuttles to Samara.
  3. Bus. There is a bus from San Jose to Samara at 12 PM every day that takes 5 hours.

Is Samara Beach safe for swimming?

Huge safe waves with no undertow – great for kids and seniors and everybody in between! Some gravelly bits, but just move down the beach a bit.

Do you need a car in Samara?

No need for a rental car if you are staying in Samara. Any tours will include pick up and drop off at your hotel.

Are there sharks in Samara Costa Rica?

Another reason this beach is now flocked by many is that it is one if not the safest beach in Costa Rica because it’s almost completely pollution-free and no threats of sharks or untamed marine animals have been sighted.

How many people live in Samara Costa Rica?

about 1500 people
The town of Samara has a population of about 1500 people, and although many hotels and restaurants cater to tourists from around the world, the town has remained authentically Costa Rican.

Are there crocodiles in Samara Costa Rica?

You can usually find some crocs in the river at the far end of Carillo beach, near the river mouth. Some people attract them by hanging a chicken off a bridge. Ask for details at the Samara Info Center.

Is Playa Samara safe?

Is Playa Samara Costa Rica Safe? Yes! Without hesitation, I recommend Samara as a safe place for all travelers. Solo female travelers, families, and visitors who don’t speak Spanish should all feel very comfortable here.

How do I get from San Jose to Samara?

Samara is located at:

  1. 40 minutes by plane from San Jose ~ Daily flights by Sansa to Nosara or Punta Islita. There is not a direct flight from San Jose to Samara Beach.
  2. 4 1/2 hours by car from San Jose International Airport Juan Santamaria.
  3. 2 hours by car from Liberia International Airport.
  4. 5 hours by bus from San Jose.

Is Playa Samara in Costa Rica safe?

Imagine a tropical beach with white sands, brilliant blue waves, and a very tranquil ambiance. This is Playa Samara. What began as a favorite getaway for Costa Rican vacationers has since developed into one of the safest and most desirable vacation destinations in the country, visited by tourists from all over the globe.

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What else is there to do in Samara?

An impressive canopy tour, horseback riding, yoga, and private ultra light airplane flights are just a few of Samara’s other exciting activities. Follow us on social media!