Is it possible to save Ranger Station Charlie?

The station may remain safe before and after updating the new radio codes during Return to Sender, but once Ranger Station Charlie is visited per Ranger Andy’s request, they will still find the station wiped out by the Legion.

Where can I find Ranger Andy?

of Novac
When you visit the settlement of Novac for the first time, you’ll encounter a man named Ranger Andy. He should be holed-up in one of the cottage-like structures adjacent to Novac’s motor inn.

How do you find out who killed Ranger Station Charlie?

Former NCR Ranger Andy, will ask the Courier to check on Ranger Station Charlie. Upon arrival, you will find that all the rangers have been killed by Caesar’s Legion troops, who left behind two holotapes. The first is located under the desk, and the second one is on a metal crate next to the desk.

How do I get Raul’s side quest?

Activating the quest Raul Tejada, the ghoul handyman found captive at Black Mountain, must be the Courier’s active companion when the player character initiates dialogue with Ranger Andy in Novac, Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarran (or Camp Forlorn Hope) and Loyal at Nellis Air Force Base.

Can you save Stella New Vegas?

This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.

What happens if you turn Chief Hanlon in?

If you decide to turn him in, he will tell you to go get a ranger to make it official. Once you step out of the office, the door closes and locks, and Hanlon delivers a speech to the stationed rangers via the intercomm Once his speech is over, he commits suicide with his revolver.

Where is Camp Forlorn Hope?

Appearances. Camp Forlorn Hope (sometimes shorted to “Hope”) is a New California Republic Army main camp on the banks of the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam in 2281.

How do you save Ranger Stella?

Otho the arena manager confirms it’s Stella. Unfortunately, there’s no way to save/help her even if you show up to burn the camp down and murder everyone.

How do you repair Ranger Andy bug?

There is a bug that will not let you speak to Ranger Andy and the screen goes in for a conversation but then recedes. This occurs after passing the Speech check to bypass the Ranger Station Charlie side quest, and the next time you talk to Andy; you can fix this by entering set “00084233”.

Can Jed Masterson survive?

Jed leads the expedition to Zion for the Happy Trails Caravan Company. Upon reaching Zion Canyon, he and the other caravaneers are killed by a group of White Legs who ambush the group. Nothing can prevent his death since it is scripted.

Can you free the slaves at the fort?

Once you’ve already become permanently hostile to the Legion (failed the quest Beware the Wrath of Caesar!), you will have the option to free the slaves at the Fort. Freed slaves are sent to the appropriate location immediately after exiting the Fort, so you can fast-travel there and find out how they’re doing.

Is Chief Hanlon important?

Highly influential among the Rangers due to his success and experience, Chief Hanlon has been honored many times for his contributions to the NCR.

Who is Ranger Andy in Novac?

If this is some kind of sick joke- (Sighs) Nah, that’d be too far, even for those guys.” Ranger Andy is a former NCR Ranger living in Novac in 2281 . A veteran of the NCR Rangers, Andy is the closest Novac has to a proper lawman, watching the town while Vargas and Boone watch the highway.

Who is the voice actor for Ranger Andy in Fallout?

Audio in the files for Fallout: New Vegas include several of Andy’s lines recorded by fellow voice actor Gregory Alan Williams . After asking Ranger Andy about the station and going down to check it the station may not have been attacked at all.

Is the NCR Ranger in Fallout New Vegas?

This NCR Ranger appears in Fallout: New Vegas . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Does Andy teach the Courier the Ranger takedown unarmed Perk?

Andy will teach the Courier the Ranger Takedown Unarmed perk after either a 30 Speech check or completing the unmarked quest Andy and Charlie. Andy is a Ranger, and will therefore see through any disguise used. Andy will never leave his home unless he is asked to go in front of the dinosaur during One for My Baby.