Is COFCO a listed company?

COFCO has four companies listed in Hong Kong, namely, China Foods (SEHK: 506), China Agri-Industries Holdings (SEHK: 606), Mengniu Dairy (SEHK: 2319), and COFCO Packaging Holdings (SEHK: 906) and three companies listed in mainland China, namely, COFCO Tunhe (SSE: 600737), COFCO Property (SZSE: 000031), and BBCA (SZSE: …

What is COFCO?

Based on the agriculture and food industry chain, COFCO provides financial support tailored for agricultural development, develops financial business chains such as trust, futures, insurance, and fund to integrate industry and finance, and serve agriculture, rural and farmers.

How many employees does cofco have?

With 11,000+ people in 35 countries, COFCO International is the overseas agriculture business platform for COFCO Corporation, China’s largest food and agriculture company.

Is cofco a Fortune 500 company?

On August 10, the US Fortune magazine released the list of “Fortune Global 500 2020”. Having been on the annual list of the Fortune Global 500 for 26 straight years since 1995, COFCO ranks 136th this year with revenue of 498.4 billion and total profit of 12.6 billion.

How strong are COFCO HK’s operational and strategic ties with its parent?

We assess that COFCO HK and parent COFCO maintain strong operational and strategic ties, though legal ties are weak.

What does COFCO stand for?

COFCO (Hong Kong) Limited is rated on a top-down basis from Fitch Ratings’ internal assessment of the consolidated credit profile of its parent, COFCO Corporation (COFCO), based on the agency’s Parent and Subsidiary Linkage Rating Criteria, under a “strong parent, weak subsidiary” approach.

What does COFCO’s credit profile say about the company?

COFCO’s credit profile reflects Fitch’s expectation of the likelihood of support from the Chinese sovereign (A+/Stable) under our Government-Related Entities Rating Criteria, and we expect the governmental support to flow down to COFCO HK. Parent Pivotal to Food Supply: COFCO is a key player in safeguarding China’s food supply and security.