Can you use 20V in 18V?

Add versatility to your tool box with the 20V MAX* to 18V Battery Adapter Kit. This adapter allows you to use select DEWALT® 20V MAX* Lithium Ion slide pack batteries with DEWALT 18V power tools.

Is there a big difference between 18V and 20V?

As you have learned there is no real difference between an 18v and 20v max battery except in marketing terms and place of use. Whether you buy the former or the latter the ultimate power you get at the end of the process is the same.

Can I replace a 18V battery with a 20V?

18V Drill batteries can be used in 20V drills easily using an adaptor. Any kind of 18V battery can be used with interchanging brands such as Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, and Blac and Decker, except RYOBI. As well as Ni-Cd batteries can be used for Li-Ion batteries using the adaptor.

Can you use a 20V battery in a 18V tool?

Features. Allows for use of 20V MAX* Liithium Ion batteries in most 18V DEWALT tools. Requires use of 20V MAX* DEWALT charger. Do not use with premium DEWALT batteries in DC970 or DC759 tools.

Can I use a 20V battery in a 18V drill Porter Cable?

Porter Cable 20V Max and 18V Batteries are NOT Interchangeable!

Can you charge a 18V battery with a 20V charger?

An Apple Macbook chargers (The old Megsafe ones) are rated at 14/16/18/20V. You can easily charge an 18V battery with the 18-20 volt chargers. Do check the output voltage ratings on the back of the charger.

Will Dewalt 20V fit 18V?

After the modification, it will fit in any 18v tool. Please note since all 18v dewalt tools are actually running on 20v, there is no harm in using this with any of the dewalt 18v tools.

Will DeWalt 20V fit 18V?

Can you charge a 20V battery with a 18V charger?

Most laptop chargers are rated for 18-20V, which is very suitable for charging an 18V battery.

Can I use a 20V Max battery in an 18V tool?

The DEWALT DCA2203C 20V MAX Battery Adapter Kit for 18V Tools allows for use of 20V MAX batteries in most DEWALT 18V Tools. This adapter requires the use of 20V MAX Chargers – this will not fit in DEWALT 18V Chargers.

Are 18v and 20V batteries the same?

Let me say it again: 18V batteries and 20V Max batteries are exactly the same voltage. Still, the guts of each battery cell do vary from brand to brand and even within a single brand as technology and chemistry improve. So is DeWalt’s 20V Max line more powerful than their 18V line was?

Did DeWalt change 18V to 20V?

DeWalt really did a big disservice to their customers with the whole poorly-thought-out change from 18v to 20v. I’ve bought these adapters for the 20v batteries. I’ve also bought the aftermarket lithium batteries that are a direct replacement for the 18v batteries.

What is the difference between 18v and Max?

This means that the MAX refers to the maximum voltage the battery can store as opposed to the 18V that refers to the nominal voltage of the battery cells added up. To explain this I’m going to take a step back and…