Are there sharks at Shipsterns bluff?

Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania By far one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, Shipsterns Bluff is as far out there as you can get. Located on the southern end of Tasmania, it’s a long hike or boat ride just to get to the spot, then there’s the powerful southern ocean swell and great white sharks to reckon with.

How did Shipstern Bluff get its name?

Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia Shipstern Bluff is located in Tasman National Park. It is named after the imposing 250-foot wedge-shaped granite cliff and is only accessible by boat or a long trek through Tasman National Park. Shipstern offers surfers the chance to encounter 20-foot waves.

How big are Shipstern Bluff waves?

nine metres tall
The locals call it “Shippies,” but surfers call Shipstern Bluff some of the best, most awe-inspiring surfing in the world. With waves of up to nine metres tall, surfers are towed into the water on jet skis to ride the adrenaline pumping surges.

Who found Shipsterns bluff?

David Guiney was a New Zealand surfer who first laid claim to surfing Shipstern Bluff circa 2000, but the first man who really brought it into the limelight and dominated Shipstern was Andy Campbell, who now lives in Bali. This was in the early 2000s.

How deep is the Shipstern Bluff Water?

Eventually, the last of these submerged ledges drops away abruptly to a depth of around 20 meters. When swell lines arrive out of the deep water and hit this platform, they lurch up suddenly, dragging all the water on the reef down these steps and up into the wave face.

Where is Red Bull Cape Fear?

Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff
Red Bull Cape Fear returns in 2021 Red Bull Cape Fear is a one-of-a-kind, invitation-only big wave surfing competition that’s about to get under way at Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff.

How long is Shipstern Bluff walk?

around 8km
The walk is around 8km in total, and can be easily completed in 4-5 hours if you are pushed for time. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend you take the extra 60 minutes to walk on to Tunnel Bay which is signposted along the walk.

Who won Cape Fear?

Cape Fear’s Shea Bieniek, who plays No. 3 singles and No. 3 doubles, was named the team’s MVP of the playoffs. Brinker was named the team’s sportsmanship winner.

Where is Shipstern Bluff located?

Where Is It? Shipstern Bluff is on the southeastern coast of Tasmania, where clouds and chilly water from winds reach up from the South Pole to make for unpredictable conditions. Fly into Hobart, take the road south to Port Arthur for about 1.5 hours, and follow the signage to Cape Raoul National Park.

What makes Shipstern Bluff so special?

Shipstern Bluff is a wave of high consequence with some of the most challenging elements known to men. But when you combine some of the best big wave surfers with a unique spot that delivers consistent swells, it makes for an incredible spectacle.

Did anyone die at Shipstern Bluff?

Contrary to what you’d think when you look at the wave, no one has ever died at Shipstern Bluff. There have been broken bones, punctured lungs, split skulls and more – but never a death. 2. The wave was originally thought of as just a myth

How long does it take to get to Shipstern Bluff?

Fly into Hobart, take the road south to Port Arthur for about 1.5 hours, and follow the signage to Cape Raoul National Park. There, you will have to hike 2 hours along a scenic pathway to get to Shipstern Bluff.