What is Bomba day?

On May 2, dozens of U.S. military members and their families will evacuate the area surrounding “Contra’ Mure Pallamaio,” as Italian bomb disposal squads undertake defusing operations on an aerial bomb discovered during construction.

Are there still unexploded bombs in Germany?

Unexploded bombs are still found frequently in Germany, even 76 years after the end of the war, and often during work on construction sites.

What is unexploded bomb called?

It may have been fired, dropped, launched or projected and should have exploded but failed to do so – in the industry this is called ‘Unexploded Ordnance’ or more commonly referred to as ‘UXO’ or ‘UXB’ (which is the abbreviation for Unexploded Bomb) or ‘ERW’ (which stands for Explosive Remnants of War).

Where was the unexploded bomb?

An unexploded Second World War bomb has been found near railway tracks, leading to the delay of some train services. Police received a report about the unexploded bomb at a construction site in Netley, Hampshire, at 10am on Friday, according to the county’s constabulary.

How many bombs could a b17 carry?

Technical Specifications

First flight July 28, 1935 (prototype)
Ceiling 35,600 feet
Power Four 1,200-horsepower Wright R-1820-97 engines
Accommodation 2 pilots, bombardier, navigator, radio-operator, 5 gunners
Armament 11 to 13 machine guns, 9,600-pound bomb load

Is there still damage from ww2?

The Second World War wreaked destruction across the globe, with almost 100 countries dragged into the maelstrom and nearly 70 million lives lost. Today, 80 years after the war started, the evidence of it has faded – but there are still scars on the landscape.

Are there still ww2 mines?

Live naval mines from World War II are still occasionally found in the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea, and are also destroyed.

How often are ww2 bombs found?

Every year, an estimated 2,000 tons of World War II munitions are found in Germany, at times requiring the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents from their homes. In Berlin alone, 1.8 million pieces of ordnance have been defused since 1947.

How many bombs did London have in ww2?

The raids on London primarily targeted the Docklands area of the East End. This hub of industry and trade represented a legitimate military target for the Germans, and some 25,000 bombs were dropped on the Port of London alone.

Can a B-17 fly on 2 engines?

The answer depends on how heavy you are and how high you are. It may not be possible to maintain altitude on two engines at very high altitudes because of the weight and altitude. The weight of a lighter aircraft may allow it to maintain altitude with two engines.