What is a 1978 Bronco worth?

Second-Generation Ford Bronco, 1978-1979 Custom and Ranger XLT trims were sold, but don’t really seem to affect values much. Depending on options, you’ll pay an average of $24,500 to $26,000 for a clean second-generation Ford Bronco.

How many 1978 and 1979 Broncos were made?

Since the Bronco’s inception, the SUV segment started taking off. This newly grown boy also sold like gangbusters, with Ford pushing 77,917 Broncos out the door in 1978 and 104,038 in 1979.

Did Ford ever make a 4 door Bronco?

Ford never produced a 4-door classic Bronco, but this company thought it should and decided to make it a reality. Using a custom stretch chassis, top-of-the-line engine and suspension components, and an extra pair of doors, the Maxlider Bronco is a real show stopper.

What year Bronco is the most valuable?

This 1971 Ford Bronco made headlines when it became the most expensive special edition Bronco ever after selling at a Mecum auction in 2017. It pulled in $110,000 and is one of only 450-650 known to exist.

What kind of engine does a 1979 Bronco have?

This Bronco has never been restored Rare find Equipped with the strong 400 V8 engine, automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive with locking hubs, 3 speed transfer case, power steering, power brakes,… 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT 4×4.

How much does a 1978 Ford Bronco cost?

New 1978 Ford Bronco $259,000 9 The Velocity team took the second-gen Bronco Ranger XLT’s unrivaled durability, and paired it with a Ford Coyote engine and Whipple Supercharger to make for a restomod that is unparalleled to anyth…

What are the parts of a 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger?

1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT 4X4 Automatic 100% complete. Many good usable original parts including doors, fenders, tailgate, automatic transmission, transfer case, differentials, wheels, tires. All exterior trim is in very good condition. Frame is rusty but solid. Body in poor condition, floors, pillars and body mounts rotted.

What kind of headlights did Ford Broncos have in 1979?

For 1979, all broncos came standard with square sealed beam headlights. Ford started the redesign in 1972, codenamed project short-horn, but introduction was delayed by concerns over the mid-1970s fuel crisis.