What goes into a candy buffet?

Candy Buffet

  1. Bulk Candy.
  2. Food & Dessert Bar Supplies.
  3. Personalized Candy.
  4. Scoops.
  5. Favor Bags & Containers.
  6. Personalized Stickers & Seals.

How do you keep candy buffet from melting?

Wrap a small block of dry ice in lightweight fabric (to protect grasping fingers) that’s the color of your wedding and place it in the bottom of a clear bowl. Putting your personalized miniature chocolate bars on top will help avoid a major meltdown. A 3-4 lb. block of ice should last about 4 hours on a hot day.

What do you fill a candy jar with?

Fill your big jars with big candy (duh!). Look for big fluffy items like marshmallows or popcorn to fill that ginormous jar. Gumballs are also decent jar filler. If those items don’t suit your crowd, try using some less expensive, but popular treats like starlight mints.

How much candy do you need for a candy buffet?

A general rule of thumb is to supply around ¼ to ½ pound of candy for each guest. That translates to 25 to 50 pounds of candy for every 100 guests. This takes into account the people who might take a little more and the guests who will take less. The size of your take-home containers may influence this amount.

How do you make a candy jar full?

If you really like the big jar, but just can’t seem to fill it, try putting something inside it to take up some volume before you put in the candy. For example, you can put a smaller jar in the middle, upside down to take up some space.

What are apothecary jars used for?

What is an apothecary jar used for? It is a small, covered jar. Originally they were used by druggists to hold pharmaceuticals. The jars could be found at the pharmacists and often included ingredients that were then mixed together to make remedies.

Why choose Oriental Trading for your Halloween candy buffet?

Celebrate your kid’s birthday or special occasions with a delicious, mouth-watering candy buffet. Whether you’re looking for Halloween candy buffet ideas or you want to make your Easter celebration the sweetest one you’ve ever had, you’ll find great candy buffet ideas at Oriental Trading.

Where can I buy candy buffet supplies?

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What do you put on a candy buffet table?

Add beautiful colored lanterns, with table cloths and centerpieces to match and you’ve got the perfect candy buffet table. Create the ultimate blue and white candy buffet with blue and white gumballs, blue and silver Hershey® Kisses, blue candy sticks and rock candy lollipops and white Jordan Almonds.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a candy buffet?

Throw a boy baby shower party and stock up on blue candy buffet assortments, or celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Valentine’s Day candy buffet. Graduations, birthdays and anything in between will be sweeter and festive with our candy buffet ideas. Shop Oriental Trading for candy buffet ideas and take advantage of our 110% lowest price guarantee.