Is there a Twitter header template for personal use?

Our collection of varied Twitter header templates are readily customizable for personal or business purposes. If you’re simply looking for a free Twitter header template to give your personal profile page a unique look, you can find a minimalist or creative design that fits your personality.

Are Twitter header quotes your go-to?

Twitter header quotes are common within the user description, but some are actually turning to the Twitter Headers to squeeze additional content to get their point across. Personally, Twitter header quotes are not my go-to, and I did not make too many designs below that include messages in the design.

How many cool Twitter headers are there?

While there are hundreds of Twitter headers available on the web, most are under the old Twitter measurement sizes and don’t look superb. Please let me know with a comment below or on Twitter which Cool Twitter Headers you ended up picking… I’m super curious. Mike is an SEO and Digital Marketer of 10+ years.

How do I create a Twitter header?

With Canva, you can create an attractive and inviting header in a snap. Simply choose an eye-catching Twitter header template from our selection of ready-to-use designs and customize it to fit your needs.

Can you modify a Twitter header photo?

Once you’ve found a Twitter header photo template, you can modify it however you like with the Canva editor. If you already like the design, you can go ahead and download your Twitter header template.

What is a Twitter header or banner?

Twitter is a unique social media channel where people can connect with friends and strangers, gather news and information, promote their businesses, and more. Whether you’re in it for personal or business reasons, having a good Twitter header or banner can make you stand out and help you widen your audience.

What does your Twitter header and profile picture say about you?

Your Twitter header and profile picture illustrate who you are, your values, and your personality. There are many Twitter profiles out there, which is why it’s difficult to draw users’ attention to yours.

What is the size of a Twitter header? adapts the canvas to the proper size when selecting the Twitter headers option. If you’re curious, the recommended size for this format (updated for 2021) is 1500 x 500 pixels, but it also supports other measurements, such as 1024 x 280 px.