How do you make a guys heart melt over text?

  1. You’re my whole world.
  2. I’d be lost without you.
  3. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you right now.
  4. I wish I was in your arms.
  5. I love you more than you will ever know.
  6. You make my heart beat out of my chest.
  7. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about seeing you later.
  8. I feel so safe when I’m with you.

What is the 12 word text message?

The 12-word text stems from the hero instinct, a concept coined by relationship expert James Bauer in his book His Secret Obsession. You see, all men have this biological urge to step up for the woman they care about and earn her respect in return. A need that I wasn’t satisfied with any guy I met.

What’s the sweetest thing you can say to a man?

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

  • I love you for everything you are.
  • I feel so safe with your arms around me.
  • I can’t stop smiling around you. You make me so happy.
  • I crave you more than pizza.
  • I love your _____.
  • You’re more than my boyfriend.
  • Every day is an adventure with you.
  • I’d do anything to see you smile.

What are the best love messages for my boyfriend?

Here are some wonderful love messages for a wonderful boyfriend. I get lots of texts, but you are far and away my favorite ding. Just wanted to remind you that you’re the best, coolest, sexiest, and handsomest boyfriend in the whole world. I can’t stop thinking about my beautiful boyfriend.

What to text a man to encourage him at work?

Text Messages to Encourage him at work 1 “You’ve got this babe!” 2 “You can do anything you put your mind to.” 3 “I’m so proud of you!” 4 “You inspire me baby.” 5 “I know that you’re gonna accomplish everything you’ve been working on. Keep pushing baby.” 6 “Never doubt yourself for a second. You’re amazing.” 7 “Good luck today baby.” More

How do you tell your husband you are thinking about him?

Sending text messages throughout the day is a super quick, but simple way to remind your husband that he’s on your mind. Simple gestures like this can make a big difference to him and to your marriage. “I love you.” “Thinking about you. I hope you have a great day.”

What to say to a man who is going through hard times?

Text messages to make him feel supported on tough days “Baby, i’m praying for you and I know you’ll get through this.” “I know things are tough right now, but we’ll get through this together.” “I know you’re having a tough day, so I got you something (or did something for you) that I know will make you feel better…”