Did Elvis Presley ever record Unchained Melody?

Truly one of the most performed and recorded songs in the 20th century, “Unchained Melody” has become a staple in many performer’s acts and has made it onto records of famous artists like The Righteous Brothers, Heart, Cyndi Lauper, Barry Manilow, LeAnn Rimes, and of course – Elvis Presley!

How old was LeAnn Rimes when she recorded Unchained Melody?

eleven years old
Background. Due to high sales of Rimes’ debut album, Blue, Curb Records used several tracks recorded from Rimes’ commercial album, All That, all of which were recorded when Rimes was eleven years old.

Does LeAnn Rimes have any children?

Though Rimes and Cibrian don’t have children together, she is stepmother to his two sons, Mason, 17, and Jake, 13, from his previous marriage to former Brandi Glanville. Rimes admitted to ET that she sometimes wishes for more kids. “I get it every once in a while,” she said.

What movies used the song Unchained Melody?

The Righteous Brothers’ recording was used in the box office blockbuster film Ghost. The song would also appear in the comedy film The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear in 1991, in which the pottery wheel scene from Ghost was parodied.

Who sings Unchained Melody by LeAnn Rimes?

Rimes’ record of “Unchained Melody” was released as a single on her album Unchained Melody: The Early Years. The song showed consistency in its chart performance occupying the third spot in three different charts: Hot Country Songs, Country Airplay, and the RPM Canada Country Tracks charts.

What was LeAnn Rimes first album cover?

LeAnn Rimes’ cover was originally released in November 1996 on a promotional single “Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart” that was only available at Target stores upon the purchase of her first album Blue. It was also released as a single to radio and was included in the compilation album Unchained Melody: The Early Years.

What is LeAnn Rimes’real name?

Margaret LeAnn Rimes (born August 28, 1982, in Jackson, Mississippi) is a popular American country and pop music singer. Rimes emerged with her first single, “Blue,” when she was just thirteen years old in 1996.

Who has covered “Unchained Melody?

Other than The Righteous Brothers, the list of artists who have covered “Unchained Melody” is too many to mention. There are over 670 artists who recorded the tune and it’s been interpreted in various languages. Among the most notable ones were Joe Stampley, Elvis Presley, and Cyndi Lauper.