How tall is Gammaxx 400?

Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 Specs

Cooler Type CPU Air Cooler
Power Consumption 3.00 W
Recommended TDP 130 W
CPU Cooler Overall Height 6.1″ / 154.94 mm
CPU Cooler Length x Width 5.3 x 3.1″ / 134.6 x 78.7 mm

Does deepcool Gammaxx 400 have thermal paste?

You can see the box in Figure 1. Figure 2 shows the contents of the box: heatsink, fan, a small bag of thermal compound, a manual, and installation hardware. The cooler comes with only one fan, but you can install a second optional 120 mm fan; the wire clips to install the second fan are included.

Are deepcool air coolers good?

The Deepcool AS500 Plus punches above its weight (and price). It cools very well, it stays quiet, it’s got great build quality, a subtle ARGB splash with its own controller and on top of all that. And, finally, it is great value relative to many dual fan single tower coolers.

Is Gammaxx 400 good?

The Gammaxx 400 produces incredibly good thermal results, though its more-powerful fan could be the key to those low temperatures. That fan also does a good job of cooling the CPU’s PWM-based voltage controller. Indeed, the fan produces more noise than competing models.

How do you take the fan off a Gammaxx 400?

So this is what I would do:

  1. Unhook the clip.
  2. Hold on to the cooler, keep it there with your hand, and run a stress test. Wait for like 5 minutes, for the paste to become nice and liquid.
  3. Carefully remove the cooler with a slight twisting motion. No force, no pulling straight up.

How do you remove the fan on a Gammaxx 400?

Does the deepcool Gammaxx come with thermal paste?

Summing it up, after unboxing you’ll see the radiator, fans, brackets, and backplates for the entire AMD and Intel CPU range. Thermal paste is not pre-applied, so you don’t have to use the one provided by Deepcool. Let’s proceed to the next page.

Is the deepcool Gammaxx GT a RGB good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great performer! Easy install!!! I bought the Deepcool Gammax GT A-RGB for a new gaming system I built for Warzone and it performs excellent! Dropped my cpu temp in game almost 10 degrees c!