What are all the balance spells in Wizard101?

Balance Spells from Arthur Wethersfield and Alhazred

Name Level Description
Scarab 1 Deals 65-105 Balance Damage
Scorpion 5 Deals 160-200 Balance Damage
Weakness 8 Applies a -25% Damage Charm on Target
Locust Swarm 10 Deals 245-305 Balance Damage

Is balance good w101?

Balance is one of the best schools because it’s part of every school and the part of a good amount of health to keep you going in battles and good spells to help out, such as hydra, chimera, judgement and loremaster. etc.

What is the strongest spell in Wizard 101?

The top 20 highest damage spells in the game

  • Storm Owl – 1575.
  • Rusalka’s Wrath – 1445.
  • Spinysaur – 1350.
  • Sun Serpent – 1250.
  • Fire From Above – 1200.
  • Iron Sultan – 1152.
  • Basilisk – 1150.
  • Avenging Fossil – 1150.

What is a good secondary school for balance?

In Celestia, Giant, Amplify and a defense card are highly recommended. In Azteca, you will have the option of getting two balance-style versions of amplify (must be level 84 and do a specific quest). One will enhance damage against Ice-Fire-Storm enemies, and the other against Life-Myth-Death enemies.

Is balance or life better Wizard101?

Balance (and Life) work best in a Team Environment. Life is good at healing a large team. However, Balance can effectively heal themselves or a teammate with no issue. Their Universal blades help all schools and they have the Donate Power spell which allows them to Donate Pips to themselves or an ally.


  • DEALS 160-200 balance damage TO A SINGLE TARGET
  • PIP COST: 2
  • TRAINER: Arthur Wethersfield
  • What is the best spell in Wizard 101?

    LEVEL: 75 and requires some quests from Grizzleheim ( Mass Triage and Guardian Spirit quests )

  • summon a life minion to help you in battle
  • PIP COST: 5
  • TRAINER: The Professor
  • TRAINER LOCATION: Marleybone > Regent’s Square
  • REQUIRED QUEST: Fire Does Not Lie
  • GIVEN BY: The Professor
  • GIVER LOCATION: Marleybone > Regent’s Square
  • What is the best Storm spell in Wizard 101?

    – LEVEL: 80 – add +10% storm pierce blade to next storm damage spell – PIP COST: 0 – TRAINER: Enya Firemoon – TRAINER LOCATION: Avalon > The Wild > Fire Elf Village

    What are all the Astral spells in Wizard 101?

    – LEVEL:33 – +25% storm damage to all storm damage spells – PIP COST: 2 – TRAINER: Halston Balestrom – TRAINER LOCATION: RAVENWOOD