How do you respond to a notice under section 245?

What should I do next after receiving the Notice u/s 245? ♠ Response can be made by logging into with your user id and password. Go to ‘e-file’ tab-> Response to outstanding demand. a) Against the Outstanding Demand- click on ‘Submit response’ and then select->’Agree with Demand’.

How do I check my US 245 notice?

Just login on and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on “My Pending Actions”.
  2. You can then view, details of your outstanding demand and you will see a “Submit” button , you have to click on it and respond to the outstanding demand.

How do I know if my refund is adjusted against demand?

If any refund is due, the refund will be adjusted against the outstanding demand. The taxpayer can pay the demand by clicking the link under ‘Pay Tax’ option. On choosing ‘Demand is partially correct’, Enter the ‘Amount which is correct’ and the ‘Amount which is incorrect’ will be auto filled.

How do I appeal against income tax demand?

If you are aggrieved by an order of an Assessing Officer (AO), you can file an appeal against the same before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) by submitting duly filled Form 35 online on the e-Filing portal.

How do I get a stay of demand on my taxes?

PROCEDURE TO GET STAY 1. Assessee can file petition u/s 220(6) with his jurisdictional AO stating therein to kindly stay the demand raised till the disposal of appeal by CIT(A). Here’s the catch, before filing the petition CBDT OM circular dated 31.07. 2017 asks assessee to pay 20% of the disputed demand.

How do I appeal in new tax portal?

What is ITR intimation?

The income tax intimation notice informs the taxpayer whether the income tax calculation given by him in the ITR matches with that of the tax department, basis the information it has. While processing the ITR, the tax department checks arithmetical errors, inconsistencies, tax and interest calculations.

How do I contact AO for refund?

Contact Information

  2. Locate Your Assessing Officer (AO). This data is as is provided by You can also file your Income-tax return on

How many days it will take for refund after ITR processing?

about 20-45 days
Status post the ITR processing Generally, the credit of refund process takes about 20-45 days from the date of e-verification of the income tax return.

What if I do not receive my intimation under Section 143 1 even after the end of the above specified period?

Time Limit for issue of 143(1) If a taxpayer does not receive any intimation within such period, it simply means there are no adjustments carried out to the return filed by the taxpayer and no change in tax liability/refund and acknowledgement filed itself is deemed to be Section 143(1) intimation.

What happens if I get income tax notice?

Through this notice, the taxpayer is required to respond to the questionnaire issued along with the documents required by the income tax department. The assessing officer is supposed to service this notice within 6 months after the completion of the assessment year to which it pertains.

What is section 245 of the Income Tax Act?

Adjustment of Refund with Outstanding Demand-Section 245 of Income Tax: Section 245 of the Income Tax Act empowers the Income Tax authorities to adjust any previous year/s outstanding demand of tax liability with the refund amount due to the assessee.

What is intimation U/S 245?

What exactly is Intimation u/s 245? Intimation u/s 245 is issued by the Income Tax Department to intimate you that they are adjusting your previous year’s pending tax payable with the current year’s refund. Section 245 gives the Income Tax Department power to adjust any previous year’s demand of tax payable with the current year’s refund.

What is section 244A of the IT Act 1961?

Section 245 of IT Act 1961 provides for Set off of refunds against tax remaining payable. Recently, we have discussed in detail section 244A (Interest on refunds) of IT Act 1961.

What is section 245 of ITR 151 (Bom)?

A.N Shaikh [1987] 165 ITR 151 (Bom). Section 245 empowers the Revenue to set off or adjust the amounts to be refunded against any amounts remaining payable by the person concerned under the Act is a discretionary remedy. However, before the adjustment is done, intimation would u/s 245 of the Act to the party is mandatory.