How do I connect my Philips GoGear?

How do I install my Philips GoGear player?

  1. Always install the software first. Do this by inserting the installation CD into the CD ROM drive.
  2. From the installer menu, select your preferred language; the welcome screen will pop up.
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen to complete the installation.

How do I update my GoGear MP3 player?

Launch the Device Manager at Start->Programs->Philips GoGear HDD->Philips GoGear HDD on your PC. A dialogue box will pop up; click Upgrade to start the upgrading of the firmware (Please do not disconnect the jukebox during the upgrading process as this interruption may damage the firmware!).

How do you turn on a Philips MP3 player?

How to switch on/off my Philips MP3 player?

  1. To switch on your Philips MP3 player, slide and hold the slide button towards the Power on symbol until the Philips logo is displayed.
  2. To switch off your Philips MP3 player, slide and hold the slide button towards the Power on symbol until the display is completely off.

Why is my Philips MP3 player not working?

Hold down any key on the GoGear while connecting it to the computer with the USB cable. The Device Manager will detect the connected GoGear and display an error message. Release the GoGear key and select “Yes” in the Device Manager interface to repair the software. Once repaired, power on the device.

How do you fix a Philips MP3 player?

How to repair Philips MP3 player with Device manager?

  1. Press and hold the VOL+ button while connecting to your PC.
  2. Release the ‘VOL+’ button to start the repair process.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and disconnect your player when repair is completed.

What is a Philips GoGear ViBE?

Philips GoGear ViBE Portable AV Player packs big entertainment in a superbly small design. Its 1.5” full color display shows off album art and folder view ensures easy file navigation and organization.

How do I install the Philips device driver?

At the Hardware Update Wizard, select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.” > Next Download the “Detect Philips Device” zip file in the attachment section to a temp folder on your PC. Unzip the patch fix file and then save it onto the desktop of your PC. Double click on the “Detect Philips Devices” icon.

Is there a free software for a Philips MP3 player?

The actual developer of the free software is philips. Your philips device manager at start the copyrighted material. Set your player to mtp mode and attach it to your computer with the included usb cable. I can mount it in linux mandriva 2006 as a usb mass-storage device and transfer my songs to it without a problem.

Does Philips MP3 player work with Songbird?

Nikhilsinha, 10 years ago philips mp3 player mint older version works perfectly what works, the player is detected as drive with philip icon. The browser and songbird music player developed out of the mozilla project have come together in a cooperative framework with philips in the 2010 models of their gogear mp3 player series.

How do I charge my Philips MP3 player?

Philips mp3 player gogear sa260 song transfert v. This tool does it onto your mp3 player with step 2. By connecting your player to your pc with the cable provided and following the necessary prompts, your pc will provide the power for charging your player within a few seconds.