Why is Rahul Dravid called The Wall of India?

Rahul Dravid, in his playing days for India, was called ‘The Wall’ due to his great concentration and ability to soak up pressure whenever India was in trouble. During his playing days, Dravid presented many memorable knocks at a time when India needed him the most.

Why is Rahul Dravid an inspiration?

Rahul Dravid is the embodiment of the “Spirit of Cricket.” For those of us who genuinely love the game of cricket, who have been drawn to it by its wholesome and timeless qualities, and its innate grace and beauty, Dravid is the epitome of this spirit. He is the perfect gentleman in the gentleman’s game.

What is Rahul Dravid famous for?

Known for his sound batting technique, Dravid scored 24,177 runs in international cricket and is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is colloquially known as Mr. Dependable and often referred to as The Wall.

Why is Rahul Dravid a role model?

3, he kept wickets for India, he batted as a finisher, he did everything what Indian cricket asked him or what a captain asked him to do and that is the kind of role models you want.”

Is Rahul Dravid on Instagram?

Rahul Dravid (@rahuldravidofficial) on Instagram • 34 photos and videos.

Is Rahul Dravid humble?

Rahul Dravid is one of the most humble individuals in the world. When he played and even after he retired, there were no airs of being a celebrity. For example he recently he turned up at a science exhibition at his children’s school and stood in the line like all parents.

What is Rahul Dravid called?

Mr. DependableThe Wall
Rahul Dravid/Nicknames

Is Dravid better than Sachin?

Sachin Tendulkar has slightly better average to Dravid in more innings he has played and even the difference of centuries and half-centuries is not big from Rahul Dravid.

Who is better Sachin or Dravid?

Tendulkar holds the top spot with 8,705 runs at 54.74, while Dravid follows him, having aggregated 7,667 (53.61). However, Dravid still has the highest batting average outside Asia, among Indians. In 68 Tests, he slammed 5,895 runs at an astronomical average of 54.58. Meanwhile, the former averaged 50.37 in 77 Tests.