Where is the origin of pectoralis major?

Pectoralis major muscle

Origin Clavicular part: anterior surface of medial half of clavicle Sternocostal part: anterior surface of sternum, Costal cartilages of ribs 1-6 Abdominal part: Anterior layer of rectus sheath
Insertion Crest of greater tubercle of humerus

Where is the pectoralis major muscle located?

anterior chest wall
The pectoralis major is the superior most and largest muscle of the anterior chest wall. It is a thick, fan-shaped muscle that lies underneath the breast tissue and forms the anterior wall of the axilla.

What is the origin and insertion of the pectoralis minor?

This article will discuss the anatomy and function of the pectoralis minor muscle….Pectoralis minor muscle.

Origin Anterior surface, costal cartilages of ribs 3-5
Insertion Medial border and coracoid process of scapula
Innervation Medial and lateral pectoral nerves (C5-T1)

What is the origin of the pectoralis major muscle quizlet?

Origin: Ribs 3-5 near costal cartilages, Inserts medial border and superior surface of coracoid process of scapula, innervation Medial Pectoral nerve, Fx, Stabilizes scapula by drawing it inferiorly and anteriorly against thoracic wall.

What is the origin of the pectoralis minor muscle?

The pectoralis minor is triangular in shape and is located under the pectoralis major, and both form the anterior wall of the axilla. It originates from the margins of the third to fifth ribs adjacent to the costochondral junction.

What is an origin and insertion of a muscle?

A skeletal muscle attaches to bone (or sometimes other muscles or tissues) at two or more places. If the place is a bone that remains immobile for an action, the attachment is called an origin. If the place is on the bone that moves during the action, the attachment is called an insertion.

What is the origin of trapezius?

It originates on the occipital bone, the ligamentum nuchae, and the spinous processes of T01–T12. The trapezius inserts on the lateral third of the clavicle, as well as the acromion and scapular spine of the scapula.

Where is the pectoralis major Located quizlet?

The pectoralis major muscle is a large muscle in the upper chest, fanning across the chest from the shoulder to the breastbone.

Which is the origin of the Digastric?

Digastric muscle

Origin Anterior belly: digastric fossa of mandible Posterior belly: mastoid notch of temporal bone
Insertion Body of hyoid bone (via intermediate tendon and its fibrous sling)
Action Depresses mandible Elevates hyoid bone during chewing, swallowing

What is the origin of the splenius capitis muscle?

The splenius capitis is a deep muscle of the neck. It originates from the lower half of the nuchal ligament and the spinous processes of the 7th cervical vertebra and the superior 3 thoracic vertebrae. It inserts onto the mastoid process of the temporal bone. It acts to laterally flex and rotate the neck.

Which muscle lies deep to the pectoralis major?

The subclavius muscle is a small muscle that lies deep to pectoralis major muscle. It passes from rib I at the junction between the rib and its costal cartilage to a groove on the inferior (lower) surface of the clavicle.

How to pronounce pectoralis major?

pectoralis pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more Which is the right way to pronounce the word vituperative? vi-tu-per-a-ti-v-e

What is the best stretch for the pectoralis minor?

Stand against the outer corner of a room or in a doorway.

  • Place your right forearm against the corner of the wall with your left side open to the room.
  • Gently press into your right forearm as you lean your left side into the open space of the doorway or room to feel a stretch in your right pectoral muscle.
  • How did the pectoralis major get its name?

    “Pectoralis” comes from the Latin “pectus,” which refers to the chest or breast. The pectoralis major is the larger of the two big muscles that make up the front of the chest, hence “major” meaning bigger in Latin.