What is N3520?

The Intel Pentium N3520 is a power efficient quad-core SoC for entry-level notebooks. It is clocked at 2.17 GHz base clock and can boost up to 2.42 GHz (Burst clock speed). The pentium is part of the Bay Trail-M platform.

Is Intel Pentium n3540 64 bit?

The Intel Pentium N3540 is a power efficient quad-core SoC for entry-level notebooks….Power Consumption.

Series Intel Pentium
GPU Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) (313 – 896 MHz)
64 Bit 64 Bit support
Architecture x86
Announcement Date 05/22/2014 = 2873 days old

Is Pentium N3530 good for gaming?

As far as your system configuration is concerned , it is good enough to run most of the high end games though some of them might have a system lag due to the processor which might be an issue.

What is Intel Pentium used for?

During their reign as “the” Intel processor, Pentium chips were the most widely used CPUs for general-purpose computing. After Intel’s Core family took Intel’s top spot in 2006, several dozen Pentium models have been designed for entry-level PCs and other devices.

What is the TDP of the Intel Pentium n3520?

Our review sample is aimed at newcomers and office users with low requirements on screen and performance. It sports an Intel Pentium N3520 (4x 2.167 – 2.42 MHz, no Hyper-Threading, TDP: 7.5 W) alongside the integrated HD graphics without a dedicated memory and a conventional 500 GB HDD.

What is the difference between Intel n3520 and n3530?

Intel Pentium N3520 / N3530 / N3540 Entry-Level CPU [Review] Furthermore, the Intel HD graphics integrated in these processors has a base clock speed of 313 MHz, but their maximal dynamic frequency or burst frequency is different. The N3520 runs at up to 854MHz, while the N3530 and N3540 run at up to 896 MHz.

Is the HP Pavilion x360 11 n3520 or n3530 better for gaming?

As already mentioned, the N3530 and N3540 are only slightly faster, which can’t be noticed during your daily computing tasks or gaming. Alongside the N3520, the tested Pavilion x360 11 had 4GB of system memory at 1,333MHz which is enough for moderate multitasking and a slow 500GB hard drive spinning at 5,400 rounds per minute.

What’s the difference between hp’s 250 G2 and Acer e1-510?

For example, HP’s 250 G2 which, like Acer’s E1-510, relies on a Pentium, but the slower N3510 model (4x 2 GHz, TDP: 7.5 W), or Toshiba’s Satellite C50D-A-10E with AMD’s A4-5000 APU (4x 1.5 GHz, no Hyper-Threading, TDP: 15 W) that is based on the competing Kabini platform and integrates the HD 8330 graphics unit.