What is bugger in English slang?

Bugger or buggar can at times be considered as a mild swear word. In the United Kingdom the term has been used commonly to imply dissatisfaction, refer to someone or something whose behaviour is in some way inconvenient or perhaps as an expression of surprise.

Why is the word bugger offensive?

The word was seen as offensive by some because one of its meanings involves sexual activity, and because it is used as a swear word or curse.

Is it bugger or booger?

As nouns the difference between booger and bugger is that booger is (us) a piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril or booger can be (surfing|slang|mildly derogatory) bodyboarder while bugger is bloke, fellow, chap.

What is another word for bugger?

What is another word for bugger?

creep jerk
sod stinkard
swine varmint
vermin beast
boor buzzard

Are boogers countable?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboog‧er /ˈbʊɡə, ˈbuː- $ -ər/ noun [countable] American English informal a thick piece of mucus from your noseExamples from the Corpusbooger• Ben took my magazine home with him – the little booger!

How do you spell bugger in your nose?

Word forms: boogers A booger is a piece of dried mucus that comes from inside your nose.

What is another word for bummer?

What is another word for bummer?

failure flop
debacle fiasco
disaster catastrophe
washout dud
lemon bust

What does alright mate mean?

‘Alright, mate? ‘ is a casual way to ask how someone is. The word ‘mate’ is very useful when talking to someone you’ve already been introduced to but whose name you have forgotten.

Can you eat boogers?

Boogers often contain bacteria and viruses, and although nose picking is a common habit that does not usually cause health problems, eating boogers could expose the body to germs.

What does bugger mean in British slang?

» Slang.org What does Bugger mean? A British slang used to show surprise, discontent, or address a foul person. Sodomy or a sodomite. Used to show someone’s obsession with an activity.

What does bugger stand for?

bugger Technically means to sodomize, but most people use the word in a variety of situations, often without realizing the true meaning. It is often considered these days to be more acceptable that the word ‘fuck’ (as long as you are not in the presence of anyone old enough to remember the actual meaning). BUGGER! (when something goes wrong.)

What does the word “bugger” mean to you?

verb. [with object] 1 British vulgar slang Cause serious harm or damage to. 1.1. Used to express an angry or dismissive attitude to (someone or something) More example sentences. ‘I’m all for living life to the full and bugger the consequences’. 2 Penetrate the anus of (someone) during sex.

What does the English word bugger mean?

The definition of a bugger is someone who engages in what is considered abnormal sex. An example of bugger is a man who has sex with his sheep. How are you, you old bugger? (slang, USA – West) A rough synonym for whippersnapper. What is that little bugger up to now?

What is bugger muddle?

BUGGER’S MUDDLE — “a bugger’s muddle — n. British. an absolute mess. A phrase which was in armed-service and middle-class use in the 1950s and although sounding dated, survives.”

What is dirty bugger?

n. unattractive person, looking dirty and/or smelling bad.

What does lucky bugger mean?

1 a barrel or box filled with sawdust and small prizes for which children search. 2 Informal an undertaking of uncertain outcome.

What is having a kip?

: : : To have a kip is accepted as to have a sleep.

What is the meaning of lazy bugger?

1 not inclined to work or exertion. 2 conducive to or causing indolence. 3 moving in a languid or sluggish manner.

What does innit bruv mean?

It’s torture. Bernardo: Innit bruv. Here, Bernardo uses the phrase “innit bruv” to imply that he agrees with Kevin’s statement that their exams will be torturous. “Innit” is short for “isn’t it,” and implies agreement, while “bruv” is used colloquially to refer to Kevin as a friend and confidante.

Why do Brits say all right?

They don’t know if you’re having a bad day or not. And they don’t care, either (harsh I know). It’s just the British way of saying hello. When a Brit asks, “You alright?”, the best response is always, “Yeah, great thanks.