What does the man from Delmonte say?

The tagline, shouted jubilantly by a villager on approval was, “The man from Del Monte, he say ‘Yes!’ “‘.

What is Del Monte pineapple juice?

Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice Bone SmartTM is a calcium-fortified pineapple juice that contains twice the level of calcium found in a glass of milk. It is designed to provide the same benefit to lactose-intolerant consumers, pregnant women or anyone who wants stronger bones. Available in the Philippines.

Can you drink Del Monte pineapple juice?

Easy to use, versatile, and fresh-tasting, this pineapple juice will transport your patrons to a tropical frame of mind with its citrusy sweet taste. From breakfast beverages to evening cocktails, pineapple juice is an essential ingredient to have on hand throughout the day….Resources and Downloads.

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Is Del Monte juice natural?

Del Monte 100% Mixed fruit juice with Reducol®, a natural plant based ingredient that lowers Bad Cholesterol – (240ml) Pack of 4. Allergen-free, soy-free, trans fat-free and No Added Sugar* & Preservatives (*contains naturally occuring sugar).

Is Del Monte pineapple juice real?

Our pineapple is hand-selected and packed fresh in 100% real fruit juice.

What is reducol?

Reducol is the trade name for a patented blend of sterols and stanols—natural, fatlike compounds derived from the oils of coniferous trees and used in margarine spreads and supplements. Because sterols and stanols mimic cholesterol, they fool the body into thinking it has eaten too much of the lipid.

What is reducol used for?

Reducol™ phytosterol and phytostanol blend for healthy cholesterol levels. A unique blend of phytosterols and phytostanols derived from coniferous trees, which is proven to block the absorption of cholesterol from the gastro-intestinal tract.

Is Delmonte juice natural?