How many people use RFDS?

72,359 patients transported by road.

Are RFDS pilots doctors?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS, informally known as The Flying Doctor) is an air medical service based in Australia….Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Abbreviation RFDS
Type Not-for-profit organisation
Legal status Charity
Purpose Aeromedical and primary health care across Australia
Region Australia

How many planes does the RFDS have in SA?

The RFDS in SA/NT The national RFDS fleet consists of 79 aircraft.

How many RFDS planes have crashed?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service did not have a fatal accident until 1981 and has not had one since its second fatal accident in 2001. To put those tragedies into perspective: the flying Doctor assisted 336, 358 people last year and conducted 17,094 nurse, GP and dental clinics.

Why is RFDS important?

Why it is important The RFDS program means that patients in rural and remote areas, who could not otherwise access services, can benefit from medical, dental and mental health services.

How is RFDS funded?

Support Us. The RFDS relies on bequests, sponsorships and donations to bridge the gap in its operational funding and to purchase its ‘flying intensive care units’ at a cost of more than $7 million each.

How much do RFDS doctors get paid?

Average Royal Flying Doctor Service General Practitioner yearly pay in Australia is approximately $134,174, which is 35% below the national average. Salary information comes from 3 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

How do you become a RFDS pilot?

  1. Hold a current Command Instrument Rating with three or more renewals – preference for Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating.
  2. Hold a current Australian ATPL or CPL.
  3. Hold a current Australian Class 1 medical in Single Pilot Operations.
  4. 3000 hours flying time total.
  5. 1500 hours as Pilot in Command.

How much does a RFDS plane cost?

around $14 million
The Dubbo RFDS base, which was established in 1999, is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade to include a medical and flight training facility, and visitor education centre. The expansion will cost around $14 million and is expected to open in mid-2019.

Who owns the RFDS?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is made up of seven legal entities operating around Australia, under a federated structure, and working together under a joint venture agreement. Each of the entities are independent, both financially and operationally, with their own Board and management.

How does the RFDS work?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service works to assist country Australians in many ways. With a waiting room of 7.69 million square kilometres, the RFDS provides 24-hour aeromedical emergency services that can reach anywhere, no matter how remote, within hours.

How much does RFDS cost?

Since 2018, the Australian Government has provided $327 million over 4 years to the RFDS. Part of that funding has come from the Stronger Rural Health Strategy.