Does HCC Brandon have a gym?

Hcc Brandon Gym – College Gym in Tampa.

What is the main campus of Hillsborough Community College?

the Dale Mabry Campus
The largest campus of the five, the Dale Mabry Campus is known for its diverse range of programs with health sciences, business and computer science among them.

What is Hillsborough Community College Federal School Code?

In order for HCC to receive your FAFSA results, please provide HCC’s school code: 007870. Note: The FAFSA should be completed no later than 8 weeks prior to the date classes begin.

What GPA do you need for Hillsborough Community College?

Students must meet ALL of the following minimum standards: Maintain a cumulative 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) each semester, and. Complete 67% of your credit hours attempted, and.

How many different countries do CSN students hail from?

Well, for one, we are already the choice of so many students that have come here from all 50 states and over 60 countries, so we are confident you will fit in here too.

Does Lccc have dorms?

LCCC does not offer on-campus housing for students; however, there are several safe and affordable apartment communities located within a few miles of campus.

What is USF Federal School Code?

Make sure you have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with USF’s school code #001537.

What is my HCC GPA?

Cumulative GPA Calculator (HCC)

Letter Percentage 4.0 Scale
A 90-100 4
B 80-89 3
C 70-79 2
D 60-69 1

What services are available at HCC Brandon?

We’ve organized a full list of services that are available to support every HCC student. The numbers speak for themselves. See what the Brandon campus has to offer. Looking to rent space for your event? Brandon offers several options including an auditorium and modern classrooms equipped to host a workshop, training or conference.

Where can I find information about HCC Athletics?

For schedules, tickets, stats and more, visit HCC Athletics. Each HCC campus offers a diverse mix of student clubs, organizations and events. It’s easy to get involved in the community, network for a future career or just have some fun.

How can I get involved in the Brandon experience?

Whether you choose to be an active participant or a spectator, you’ll discover many ways to get involved. Each building has services to help you prepare for your future. Brandon is home to many campus clubs related to academic study, networking, and leisure.