Who is owner of PVR Cinemas?

Ajay Bijli
The company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with 60:40 ratio. It began its commercial operations in June 1997. The company is founded by Ajay Bijli who is the chairman and managing director of PVR Cinemas.

What is the difference between IMAX and normal?

The main difference between Imax and Standard is that Imax is a high-resolution screen display of seventy mm film format, whereas Standard is a regular resolution audio-visual quality with the film format of thirty-five mm.

What is PVR short for?

personal video recorder (PVR)

How to book tickets for SPI Sathyam Cinemas Royapettah?

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What are the facilities available at Sathyam?

Apart from the state of the art technology, the facilities available at Sathyam are: Blur: India’s largest gaming experience, spanning three floors at Sathyam is a must for gamers of all levels. This all action, advanced gaming centre has something for everyone.

What is Sathyam?

The Maker of Memories, Sathyam is Southern India’s Iconic Home of Cinema, welcoming everyone to enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience. Sathyam has been a household name in Chennai since 1974 and is the city’s favourite destination for people from…more.

Why are Satyam Cineplexes so popular among young people?

Facing tough competition in the form of the PVRs strewn across the city, Satyams centrally located halls garner much popularity and loyalty. A great cinematic experience, plush seating, often cheaper tickets and great snacks make Satyam Cineplexes a hit with young people.