Where can I see Gilbert and Sullivan?

Buxton Opera House
Visitors can see the very best Gilbert & Sullivan performed in the magnificent surroundings of Buxton Opera House. Morning talks and afternoon concerts take place each day in the Pavilion Arts Centre.

What is the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan operetta?

The Mikado, or The Town of Titipu (The most popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera, and maybe the most popular opera ever written, premiered at the Savoy Theatre on 14 March, 1885 and ran for 672 nights.)

Where is HMS Pinafore on in London?

the London Coliseum
Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera HMS Pinafore is a hilarious tale of love, honour and duty, coming to the London Coliseum this autumn and winter.

What genre is Gilbert and Sullivan?

ClassicalGilbert and Sullivan / Genre

Was Gilbert friends with Sullivan?

Gilbert also wrote several works, some with other collaborators, in the 1890s. By the time of Sullivan’s death in 1900, Gilbert wrote that any memory of their rift had been “completely bridged over,” and “the most cordial relations existed between us.” He stated that “Sullivan …

How long is the performance of HMS Pinafore?

At a trim 90 minutes, it’s a perfect length for today’s audiences. The story is as familiar as ever: Old Admiral Sir Joseph Porter plans to marry the much younger Josephine with the consent of her father, Captain Corcoran.

How long is HMS Pinafore at the Coliseum?

The duo’s early HMS Pinafore (1878) offers a non-sagging two hours of catchy songs and choruses. English National Opera has chosen it as the first new production of the 2021/22 season.

What was Gilbert and Sullivan’s comedy opera company?

He assembled a syndicate and formed the Comedy Opera Company, with Gilbert and Sullivan commissioned to write a comic opera that would serve as the centrepiece for an evening’s entertainment.

What is Gilbert and Sullivan known for?

Arthur Sullivan. Gilbert and Sullivan refers to the Victorian-era theatrical partnership of the dramatist W. S. Gilbert (1836–1911) and the composer Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900) and to the works they jointly created. The two men collaborated on fourteen comic operas between 1871 and 1896, of which H.M.S.

What is the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival?

Since 1994, the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival has been held every August in England (except 2020), with some two dozen or more performances of the operas given on the main stage, and several dozen related “fringe” events given in smaller venues.

Where can I find Gilbert and Sullivan recordings?

Since 1994, the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival has released numerous professional and amateur CDs and videos of its productions. Ohio Light Opera has recorded several of the operas in the 21st century. Detail from a Punch cartoon, showing Sullivan and Gilbert.