What is a contrite person?

adjective. caused by or showing sincere remorse. filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent: a contrite sinner.

Is contrite positive or negative?

We are sorry to inform you that the adjective contrite means regretful, remorseful, or even guilty.

Is contrite a bad word?

“Contrite,” as we indicated above, is far from rude. The Oxford English Dictionary says it’s been used by writers since the 14th century, when it had a religious flavor. The original meaning was “crushed or broken in spirit by a sense of sin, and so brought to complete penitence.”

Can you contrite?

A person who is contrite may have rubbed someone the wrong way and caused bruised feelings—and there is a hint about the origins of the word in that thought.

What is contrition and how do we show it?

noun. sincere penitence or remorse. Theology. sorrow for and detestation of sin with a true purpose of amendment, arising from a love of God for His own perfections (perfect contrition ), or from some inferior motive, as fear of divine punishment (imperfect contrition ).

How to use “contrition” in a sentence?

But despite the president s show of contrition,few analysts believe Mr Wahid is willing to become a figurehead just yet.

  • To show contrition for failures to provide price lists to consumers,offenders would volunteer payments to the Treasury.
  • I had put on a show of contrition all day,and behind it had been incomprehension and fright.
  • How to use “contend” in a sentence?

    Not that they have that particular problem to contend with any more.

  • Customers have had to contend with delays of two months and more.
  • Some leaders also had to contend with protesters critical of their governments.
  • Then there is the history that coaches have to contend with.
  • Gore also has to contend with the shadow of Bill Clinton.
  • How to use “consternation” in a sentence?

    consternation in a sentence There is some consternation over Deion becoming bigger than the team. NBC built the tallest, to the consternation of other networks. It fills many Russians with reverent hope, others with consternation. Former colleagues said he was oblivious to the consternation he

    How to use “condoning” in a sentence?

    We will not condone disorderly conduct at church. While we condone free speech, we do not condone slander. Good police officers will not condone speeding. To condone your recent absences from my class, I will need a written note from your parent or guardian. The boss will condone your flashy outfit today given that you never wear it to work again.