What are some crafts for Easter?

Origami Corner Bookmarks.

  • More Bunny Ideas for Your Kids to Make
  • Cute Paper Chicks – Fun Construction Paper Easter Craft Idea.
  • Paper Sheep Craft.
  • Simplest Easter Craft for Kid Ever.
  • Printable Corner Bookmarks.
  • Craft Stick Carrots – Fun Easter Crafts for Kids.
  • Yarn Wrapped Carrots.
  • Easter Cootie Catchers.
  • Printable Easter Rings.
  • How to make easy Easter crafts?

    – Quick & easy Easter crafts to sell at craft shows – DIY Easter decorations – Cheap Easter crafts to make

    What to make for Easter?

    Put them in a nest atop a stack of old books.

  • Place inside a vintage birdcage filled with plants and faux birds.
  • Add to a box of wheatgrass with faux butterflies.
  • Design a shadowbox with speckled eggs,bird figurines,flowers and other pretty items.
  • Arrange in a decorative bowl filled with raffia.
  • Do it yourself Easter craft ideas?

    Golden Egg Vases. Turn some beautiful golden eggs into tiny little vases for the table.

  • Pink-Dipped Vases. Project Wedding took some simple glass vases and dipped them in a bit of paint.
  • Rainbow Water. Papery&Cakery made rainbow water.
  • All Peeps.
  • Glittery Eggs&Flowers.
  • Nested Eggs.
  • Coconut Bunny Cake.
  • Mossy Eggs.
  • Blossom Log.
  • Egg&Burlap Wreath.
  • What are some easy crafts to make?

    Paper Pinwheel. We like to think of these as the original fidget spinners.

  • 3-Ingredient Play Dough.
  • Easy Homemade May Day Basket.
  • DIY Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft.
  • Glitter Glue Counting Sticks.
  • Recycled Milk Jug Watering Can.
  • Magnetic Cardboard Tic Tac Toe.
  • Watercolor and Oil Pastel Tape Resist Art.
  • Garden Pinwheel Craft.
  • Origami Finger Puppets.
  • How to make Easter crackers/ easy Easter crafts?

    Cut a regular-sized marshmallow into 3 pieces and use one as the bunny butt

  • You can use extra frosting to glue it to the front of the house
  • Cut 2 mini marshmallows in half to use as a tail and feet
  • Add the mini marshmallows with more frosting to the butt as the feet and the tail