What is the theme of I Heart Huckabees?

HUCKABEES echoes many of the themes from that 1968 landmark film: the questioning of prevailing values, battling consumerism, searching for identity and, last but not least, seduction by an older woman. Though not entirely successful, there is something just so wonderfully refreshing about I HEART HUCKABEES.

What are some movies similar to Huckabees?

At any rate, HUCKABEES is a clear descendant of films like MORGAN!, LORD LOVE A DUCK, YOU’RE A BIG BOY NOW, HAROLD AND MAUDE, not to mention THE GRADUATE and a variety of other films that feature disillusioned young men trying to find meaning to life and purpose in existence in a world of absurdity.

Is Huckabees a good introduction to Bertrand Russell’s philosophy?

As such HUCKABEES doesn’t seem so much aimed at presenting Russell’s personal philosophy so much as musing over some of the possibilities. The film revolves around Albert Markovski (played by Jason Schwartzman, as sort of Russell’s surrogate), a not-particularly-successful environmentalist.

Much like Flirting with Disaster, Russell’s I Heart Huckabees is about the search for one’s identity. In one scene, the question is asked repeatedly: How am I not myself? The answer, of course, is that everything about you is part of yourself, thus there is no such thing as not being yourself.

Who did I Heart Huckabees?

A self-described “existential comedy”, I Heart Huckabees follows a pair of detectives (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin), hired to investigate the meaning of the life of their clients (Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Wahlberg, and Naomi Watts)….

I Heart Huckabees
Budget $20 million
Box office $20.1 million

Who made I Heart Huckabees?

David O. Russell
I Heart Huckabees (stylized as I ♥ Huckabees; also I Love Huckabees) is a 2004 independent comedy film directed and produced by David O. Russell, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jeff Baena.