What is Sambuca Nero?

Vaccari Nero Sambuca is an Italian Sambuca liqueur flavoured with Chinese star and Mediterranean anise. On the nose herbal aromas of licorice root, all spice and fennel. The palate is complex, bittersweet with big flavours of licorice, aniseed and pepper. The finish is deep and spicy with lingering caraway notes.

What is Vaccari liqueur?

Vaccari Sambuca is an Italian liqueur known in many drinking traditions. It is a sweet, strong liqueur whose base consists of essential oils extracted through steam distillation of the seeds from the star anise, conferring upon the fruit a strong aroma of anise, which is soluble in the pure state.

Is Vaccari Sambuca good?

A delicious Italian Sambuca from the Vaccari company, this is a superb liquor flavoured with with Chinese star anise and Mediterranean anise. The result is deep and spicy. It is known in many Italian drinking traditions – it can be diluted with water or can be drunk as a flambe, after chewing up two coffee beans!

What is Vaccari Sambuca?

Vaccari Sambuca was launched in 1990 and named after the creator of Galliano, the distiller Arturo Vaccari. Distilled in Italy, the spirit owes its soft and pure anise flavour to a unique distilling process using a very rare Chinese star anise.

Is sambuca good for your stomach?

A well-known carminative, it settles the digestive tract, decreases bloating, and reduces flatulence. Furthermore, has additional antispasmodic benefits by alleviating cramps, diarrhoea, and convulsions. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sambuca is often consumed after a meal!

How do you take Sambuca?

Generally colorless, the anise-flavored liqueur is served neat or with water, or sometimes as a shot with three coffee beans—known as con la mosca, of “with the fly.” But let’s get beyond shots. Sambuca pairs well with any number of spirits.

How long does an open bottle of sambuca last?

The answer to that question is a matter of quality, not safety, assuming proper storage conditions – when properly stored, a bottle of sambuca has an indefinite shelf life, even after it has been opened.