Who was the Bountygate whistleblower?

Mike Cerullo
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was shocked to learn that the NFL league office hired Mike Cerullo, the former Saints defensive assistant who served as a whistleblower during the 2012 Bountygate scandal, to a director of football administration position.

What is Sean Payton son doing now?

In addition to his interest in football, Connor is an avid basketball fan. Sean and Connor have made numerous appearances in various football and basketball games. The father-son duo are fans of the New Orleans Pelicans. Connor serves as a consultant in the film about his relationship with his father.

What is the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal?

The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, informally known as ” Bountygate ,” was an incident in which members of the New Orleans Saints team of the National Football League (NFL) were accused of paying out bonuses, or ” bounties “, for injuring opposing team players.

Did the Saints create a bounty program in 2009?

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Could players injured by New Orleans Saints take legal action?

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Did Bountygate make the Saints injured more players?

The data-driven answer is a resounding ‘no.’ The Saints appear to have injured far fewer players over the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons. The numbers are striking.” ^ Silverman, Steve (2012-03-04). ” ‘ Bountygate’ Details Get Uglier by the Moment”. Yahoo! Sports.