What label owns OVO?


OVO Sound
Parent company Warner
Founded 2012
Founder Drake 40 Oliver El-Khatib
Status Active

What is OVO brand?

Established in 2008 in Toronto, Canada, October’s Very Own (OVO) is a lifestyle brand founded by Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Oliver El-Khatib and Noah “40” Shebib. OVO designs, produces and manufactures art, music, clothing & accessories and special collaborations.

Is OVO Drake’s brand?

October’s Very Own (OVO) is a Canadian born lifestyle brand headquartered in Toronto. Established in 2008 by founders Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Oliver El-Khatib and Noah “40” Shebib. OVO designs and manufactures premium clothing, outerwear, accessories, and home goods inspired by its Canadian roots.

Why is Drake’s label called OVO?

OVO is the name of the fashion label, established by hip-hop musician Drake. The abbreviation stands for “October’s Very Own”, and the emblem of the brand is an Owl.

What label is NBA Youngboy signed to?

Atlantic Records
Young Stoner Life RecordsWarner Music Australia
YoungBoy Never Broke Again/Record labels

Was The Weeknd signed to OVO?

The Weeknd didn’t want to sign to Drake’s OVO record label There was speculation that The Weeknd would sign to Drake’s OVO record label, although he decided not to. His decision led to some tension between the two artists’ camps, souring their relationship.

Who made the OVO logo?

Designer Nate Willis: “The Man Behind Drake’s Owl Design”

Is OVO a designer brand?

OVO started as the seed of an idea in 2008 and has blossomed into an influential Toronto-based brand with about 50 staff who design, produce and manufacture art, music, clothing and accessories, as well as special collaborations.

What is ovo?

Established in 2017 with an e-money license from Bank Indonesia, in 2019 OVO was recognized as Indonesia’s first fintech unicorn and the nation’s leading digital payment service in Indonesia. OVO is the fifth unicorn in Indonesia after ride-hailing company Gojek, travel service firm Traveloka and two e-commerce companies Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

When did OVO start trading?

It was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick and began trading energy in September 2009, buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties throughout the UK. By June 2017 OVO had 680,000 customers, an increase of 10,000 over the previous year, representing a 2.5% domestic market share.

Is ovo owned by Lippo Group?

During Indonesia Digital Conference 2019, Mochtar Riady announced Lippo Group has sold two-thirds of OVO stock owned by Lippo Group to Softbank Group, this decision result in Lippo Group only own around 30% of OVO stock. In November 2020, Zalora introduce OVO as payment option.

Why did Gabriel choose rap as a genre for OVO?

Gabriel deliberately chose rap as genre in the opening track “The Story of OVO” where singer Neneh Cherry and rapper Rasco narrate the story line: “I wanted to make it appeal to kids, and rap seems to be their No. 1 music these days.” The album was released in two different versions.