How to write a resume for CA articleship?

CA Articleship Resume – Sample 1

  1. Good theoretical knowledge of laws.
  2. Excellent knowledge of accounting and auditing laws.
  3. Very well versed with Ms-Excel.
  4. Can work efficiently in Tally (All versions).
  5. Good at quick arithmetic calculation.
  6. Good command over accounting.

How to write an application for CA articleship?

As a part of our course we are required to do a 3 years/3.5 years Articleship. I wish to apply for an Articleship in your esteemed Firm/organization. Hence, I am looking forward to an Articleship in your esteemed organization. I will be specializing in Audit, Taxation, Finance, (etc.)

How do I send an Articleship resume via email?

Dear Sir/ Madam, This is (Your Name) , completed successfully CA(IPCC) in Nov / May 2015 attempt , applying for a Article ship with your firm. I have attached the resume, to this email. If you have questions or need more information, you may reach me through the phone number or email below.

What are the skills required for CA Articleship?

Following skill sets, in general must be possessed by CA students.

  • 1) Discipline, Diligence and hard work:
  • 2) Conceptual understanding.
  • 3) A head for numbers:
  • 4) Analytical Skills.
  • 5) Communication Skills.
  • 6) Managing the tight rope walk.
  • 7) Ability to Accept Failures.

How do you apply for Big 4?

Ways to Apply in Big 4

  1. 1) ICAI BoS Articleship Portal.
  2. 2) ICAI Notice Board.
  3. 3) Direct Apply to Big 4.
  4. 4) Application through Email.
  5. 5) Reference.
  6. Big Consultancy Firms.
  7. Selection Process in Firms.

How can I further my career?

10 Ways to Advance Your Career by Going the Extra Mile

  1. Get involved with events. When you attend events, you meet people who can help you with your career.
  2. Start and maintain a blog.
  3. Keep a networking log.
  4. Turn down job offers.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Throw dinner parties.
  7. Find a side job.
  8. Build something.

What are the strengths in resume?

Here are some examples of strengths to include in your resume:

  • Leadership. Leadership demonstrates to employers your ability to manage and supervise a team.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Active listening.
  • Communicating.
  • Honesty.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Customer service.
  • Creative.

How can I approach Articleship?

How to Choose CA Firm for Articleship

  1. Working Hours. One of the most important points you have to consider while joining a Firm for articleship.
  2. Medium Firm or Big 4.
  3. Talk About Preparation Leaves.
  4. Know the Minimum Stipend.
  5. Outstation Audits.
  6. Discuss the Work.
  7. Office Infrastructure.

How to write a CS articleship resume?

Okay then, the first step is to prepare an effective and appealing CS Articleship resume. It should be written in such a way that when it is in front of the panel, it should create an eagerness in panelists to talk about you in a manner you wanted them to talk.

How important is the CA articleship training resume?

The CA articleship training resume is the first thing on the basis of you will be shortlisted. Often students ignore this thing and for which they had to suffer later. Even after obtaining high scores, they do not get shortlist by such companies. The reason could be their ill-favored resume.

What are the skills required for CA articleship?

CA Articleship Resume – Sample 2 1 Strong potential to portray leadership and motivational qualities. 2 Ability to carry on responsibility well. 3 Also possess good interactive and communication skills. More

How many pages should a resume of an articleship have?

Ideally, a fresher of an articleship has a maximum 2 page of the resume. As far as the font is concern use easy to read font like “Arial”,”Times New Roman”,”Tahoma”.