What was the rocket used to launch Apollo 11?

Saturn V rocket
At 9:32 a.m. EDT on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission launched via a Saturn V rocket with Commander Neil Armstrong, command module pilot Michael Collins and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex Pad 39A.

How did Apollo 11 liftoff from the Moon?

The astronauts used Eagle’s ascent stage to lift off from the lunar surface and rejoin Collins in the command module. They jettisoned Eagle before they performed the maneuvers that propelled Columbia out of the last of its 30 lunar orbits onto a trajectory back to Earth.

What was the launch system rocket used in Project Apollo?

Saturn V
NASA is developing the most powerful rocket in the Agency’s history to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024 and establish a sustainable lunar presence by 2028. The Space Launch System (SLS) will be the first exploration-class rocket since the Saturn V, the rocket used in the Apollo missions, and last flown in 1973.

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Which of the following launched vehicle was used for the Project Apollo?

The Apollo spacecraft were launched on top of the Saturn V rocket. The Saturn V was made of three stages. The first two stages used up their fuel reaching orbit. The third stage was used to push the Apollo Command Module and Lunar Module to the moon.

What did the Apollo 11 mission discover?

Apollo 11 carried the first geologic samples from the Moon back to Earth. In all, astronauts collected 21.6 kilograms of material, including 50 rocks, samples of the fine-grained lunar regolith (or “soil”), and two core tubes that included material from up to 13 centimeters below the Moon’s surface.