What was Francesco guicciardini famous for?

Francesco Guicciardini (b. 1483–d. 1540) was a Florentine patrician and papal administrator who wrote numerous works on the history and government of his native city and recorded the era of the Italian Wars in his monumental Storia d’Italia.

What did Francesco guicciardini believe?

Florentine Republic Like many Florentine aristocrats of his day, Guicciardini believed in a mixed republican government based on the model of the Venetian constitution; despite working so often and closely with the Medici, he viewed their rule as tyrannical.

Was guicciardini a humanist?

Guicciardini sought to give his readers perspective on the ambitions and tempta tions of the world: “Thus although Guicciardini did not share the humanist view that history exemplifies general rules or guides man’s behavior, he returned to the humanist concept of the moral value of history: history appeals to man to …

How do you pronounce guicciardini?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Guicciardini. Guic-cia-r-dini.
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Who was Francesco Guicciardini?

Francesco Guicciardini was born 6 March 1483 in Florence, now in Italy; he was the third of eleven children of Piero di Iacopo Guicciardini and Simona di Bongianni Gianfigliazzi. The Guicciardini were well-established members of the Florentine oligarchy as well as supporters of the Medici.

What does Ricordi stand for?

Ricordi or Ricordi civili e politici (the name given by Giuseppe Canestrini when he first published the book in 1857) or Ricordi politici e civili (as the Catholic Encyclopedia refers to it); in English, usually “the Ricordi ” but called “Maxims and Reflections (Ricordi)” in one translation and “Counsels and Reflections” in another (1512–1530).

What did Guicciardini learn from the Spanish court?

Thus Guicciardini started his career as a diplomat and statesman. His Spanish correspondence with the Signoria reveals his power of observation and analysis, a chief quality of his mind. At the Spanish court, he learned lessons of political realism.

How many books did Francesco Guicciardini write?

None of Francesco Guicciardini’s works were published during his lifetime. It was not until 1561 that the first sixteen of the twenty books of his History of Italy were published. The first English “translation” by Sir Geffray Fenton was published in 1579.