How big is the boot on a Mercedes E-Class estate?

640 litres
Click open the E-Class Estate’s powered tailgate and wow: the boot is a massive 640 litres. It’s a really useful square shape that you can fill with up to eight carry-on suitcases under the tonneau cover. That’s the same tally as the 5 Series Touring and V90, but the E-Class still betters them.

Is E-Class spacious?

With a big boot and a roomy cabin, the E-Class offers plenty of practicality. The E-Class is a full five-seater, and although the transmission tunnel restricts room in the middle slightly, the E-Class still offers enough space for five fully grown adults on shorter journeys.

Do E-Class rear seats fold down?

Seat folding and flexibility The E-Class matches the Audi A6 in offering 40/20/40 split rear seats as standard. These are easy to fold down using the handles in the boot.

Is an E-Class bigger than AC class?

The E-Class is a midsize sedan, the C-Class, a compact sedan. In short, this means the E-Class is slightly larger than the C-Class.

How many suitcases fit in a Mercedes S Class?

5 large
Mercedes S Class Luggage Capacity In terms of luggage carrying capability, the Mercedes S Class competes with the top of its class. The 510-liter trunk area can fit up to 5 large suitcases, making the S Class a great choice for families and small groups with lots of luggage.

Do Mercedes E class have Isofix?

Image provided below highlights the ISOFIX Child Seat Mounting Point Rear Row of E-Class. Mercedes-Benz E-Class has 201 images of its interior and exterior. Also, Mercedes-Benz E-Class is available in 6 different colours.

Does Mercedes E-class have leather seats?

Leather upholstery is standard on all models, while higher-spec cars get a man-made alternative – it’s called Artico and is just as good as the real thing, so it feels suitably plush, yet it’s more ethical than leather.

What does MBUX stand for?

Mercedes-Benz User Experience
The video shows the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia system’s functions in the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV.

Which is better C or E-Class Mercedes?

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. What are the differences between Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class Sedans? Just for starters: the E-Class Sedan has a higher starting price, more standard features, and more powerful available engines. Of course, there’s more to this comparison than meets the eye.

How much cargo space does the Mercedes-Benz E-class have?

The E-Class wagon has a generous 35-cubic-foot cargo area behind the rear seats and 64 cubic feet with them folded. However, trunk space is limited in the sedan, coupe, and cabriolet models, at 13.1 cubic feet, 10 cubic feet, and 9.5 cubic feet, respectively.

How many suitcases can you fit under the E-class?

It’s a really useful square shape that you can fill with up to eight carry-on suitcases under the tonneau cover. That’s the same tally as the 5 Series Touring and V90, but the E-Class still betters them. How’s that?

What is the boot space of a Mercedes E-class estate?

With a 640-litre boot capacity, today’s E-Class Estate has 55 litres less luggage space than before. But it still trounces its key competitors – an A6 Avant has a 565-litre boot, and the BMW 5 Series Touring has 570.

Is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate a prestige wagon?

For now, the E-Class Estate sets the benchmark for prestige wagons. The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate looks more stylish than the old car. But it’s still a very practical estate, despite boot capacity falling from 695 litres to 640 litres. And it’s packed with clever technology and driver aids.

How big is an E-Class boot?

A 540-litre boot puts the E-Class on a par with the Jaguar XF, making it the joint class leader. This is also 10 litres more than an A6 and 5 Series, while the square shape means you can make the most of the E-Class’ load bay.

What can you fit in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class trunk?

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-class has enough space to make it work. There are 13.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity in the trunk, which opens up to 64 cubic feet when you include the seating area. The back seats are 40/20/40 split-folding to ensure your space is versatile.

Is E-Class much bigger than C-Class?

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the C-Class both offer some of the latest automotive technology and performance of 2017, but they are technically in different classes. The E-Class is a midsize sedan, the C-Class, a compact sedan. In short, this means the E-Class is slightly larger than the C-Class.

What Mercedes has a big boot?

MERCEDES-BENZ V CLASS – 1,030 litres The V Class might look like a Van but this Luxury MPV Mercedes-Benz offers one of the biggest boots on the market. As standard, the Mercedes has plenty of room for both people and suitcases.

Is the Mercedes E-class comfortable?

Since the E-class is a comfort-biased car, its handling is competent but not sporty. It leans in corners, but it rarely feels overwhelmed when pushed hard. With the optional air suspension in its Comfort setting, the ride is creamy, and the E-class is perfect for gobbling up lots of road.

Do E-Class seats fold down?

Do Mercedes E-Class have ventilated seats?

Benefits of Ventilated Seats Most Mercedes-Benz models, including the E-Class, are available with ventilated front seats. You might not think you need them, but once you have them you won’t want to live without them. These seats offer three different levels of cooling ventilation.

What estate car has the longest boot?

Estate cars with the biggest boots

  • Skoda Superb Estate.
  • Mercedes E-Class Estate.
  • Volkswagen Passat Estate.
  • Peugeot 308 SW.
  • Citroen Berlingo XL.
  • Skoda Octavia Estate.
  • Dacia Logan MCV.
  • Skoda Fabia Estate.

Which car has the longest boot?

Coming in at number 1 is the Land Rover Discovery! With all seven seats up, the boot size is small in comparison to some of the other 4x4s on this list at just 228 litres. However, with the second and third rows of seats down, the humongous 2,406 litres of space gives this 4×4 the luggage space capacity of a small van.

How much boot space does the Mercedes-Benz E estate 2020 have?

Boot space: 480* – 640 liters. Dashboard. Interior space with 5 seats. The width measurement of 1852 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Mercedes-Benz E Estate 2020 without exterior mirrors and the value of 2065 millimeters with mirrors unfolded.

How much boot space does a Mercedes Benz E-class have?

These models get 480 litres of boot space, which is a disappointing 160-litre reduction. The car’s rivals don’t tend to lose so much boot space or have the huge step right in the centre of the boot. As a result, it may be tricky to carry bulky items in the E-Class, which is not a problem you’d find in the BMW 530e Touring or Volvo V90 T6 Recharge.

What are the dimensions of a Mercedes Benz E class estate?

Mercedes Benz E Class Estate (W213) 220 d Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight : Body : Estate : Num. of Doors : 5 : Wheelbase : 293.9 cm or 115.71 inches

What’s inside the Mercedes-Benz E-class estate?

The lidded storage bin underneath the climate controls houses a wireless charging pad and USB connections for your phone or other gadgets. The E-Class Estate’s boot is simply vast. With 640 litres on offer with the seats in place, it’s rivalled only by the 660-litre Skoda Superb and t ruly huge SUVs or vans.