Can you surf at China Beach?

China Beach Surf Guide China Beach in Vancouver Island is a fairly exposed beach break that has inconsistent surf. Summer in particular tends to be flat. Offshore winds are from the east northeast with some shelter here from northwest winds.

Where can I surf in Tofino today?

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  • South Chesterman Beach. Beach. Reliability: consistent. 1km away.
  • Cox Bay. Beach and point. 3.5. Reliability: fairly consistent. 2km away.
  • Rosie’s Bay. Beach. 2km away.
  • Long Beach (Tofino Airport) Beach. 3.4. Reliability: fairly consistent. 11km away.
  • Wickaninnish. Sandbar. 3.4. 19km away.

When can you surf the Jordan River?

Although the surfing at Jordan River is year-round you will want to take precautions depending on the season you plan to go. Year-round, wet suits are a must. From the end of September to March is when you will find the best conditions but these conditions can also bring sub 10C (50F) degree temperatures.

Why are the waves so big in Tofino?

As the weather starts to warm up in March, Tofino still gets some residual, larger swells out of the Northwest from the subsiding winter storms. Some spring seasons deliver the bonus of sought-after southern swells towards the end of April and beginning of May.

How big are Tofino waves?

I never felt intimidated by the ocean. But in Tofino, the waves average 2-5 feet in summer months. An average size for an experienced surfer, but monster waves for someone accustomed to Anguilla beaches.

Can you surf in Victoria BC?

Victoria and Port Renfrew The Point off the river mouth is famed for its potential to produce long rides. Sombrio gives you the option of a beach and reef break. These consistent waves work best with a swell coming from the west with a north to northeasterly wind. Sombrio is surfable at any tide stage.

Can you surf Jordan River in the summer?

Summer is fairly calm in the ocean. Winters is when the waves get bigger and fiercer with the winter storm seasons.