Why is the Temple Bar in Dublin famous?

The Temple Bar: Whiskies galore One of the most famous pubs in Dublin is the Temple Bar (established in 1840), famous for its location but also because it offers over 450 different kinds of rare whiskies (Ireland’s largest collection). You can’t miss this red building, it looks typically Irish and it is always buzzing.

What is the Temple Bar and why is it important?

Temple Bar is historically important as the point where major processions enter the city. On one such occasion, a procession celebrating the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Queen Elizabeth I was met at Temple Bar by the Lord Mayor of London, who presented her with the keys to the City.

Why is Temple Bar Dublin called Temple Bar?

Many sources agree that Temple Bar Street got its name from the Temple family. More Specifically, Sir William Temple (provost of Trinity College from 1609 – 1672), whose house and gardens were located there in the early 17th century.

What can you find in Temple Bar?

Temple Bar is Dublin’s cultural quarter, located on the south bank of the River Liffey, an area often referred to as the Old City. Along the quaint cobbled streets of Temple Bar you will find some of Dublin’s top restaurants, bars, theatres and cafes – all of which are on the door step of the Temple Bar Hotel.

What does BAR mean Temple Bar?

The term ‘Temple Bar’ strictly refers to a notional bar or barrier across the route, but it is also commonly used to refer to the 17th-century ornamental Baroque arched gateway designed by Christopher Wren, which spanned the road until its removal in 1878.

Does Bono own a pub?

It was built in 1852, and bought by U2 lead singer Bono and lead guitarist The Edge and their business partners in 1992, and opened after refurbishment in 1996….Clarence Hotel.

The Clarence Hotel
Owner Bono, The Edge, Paddy McKillen and Derek Quinlan
Management Press Up Entertainment
Technical details
Floor count 7