Who invented Where is My Train app?

Sigmoid Labs
‘Where is my Train’, developed by Bengaluru-based startup- Sigmoid Labs, is said to be one of the highest rated travel apps in India.

Who created M indicator app?

Sachin Teke
Sachin Teke, founder-CEO of M-indicator, said his company made profits of Rs 28 lakh last year and is debtfree with just 10 employees. “Presently most of our revenues come from Google adwords.

What is the name of the Indian railway app?

The IRCTC had launched its first e-ticketing Android Mobile App “IRCTC Connect” in 2014. To improve on user friendliness IRCTC revamped its Mobile App and a completely new version with name “IRCTC Rail Connect” was released on 10.01. 2017.

Which is official railway app?

IRCTC Connect
Indian Railways has finally launched their official Android application: IRCTC Connect on Google Playstore. Users can use their existing login details to access this app, and book tickets, enquire about availability of berths and perform all the activities which can be performed on their website.

Where is tra8n?

What you need to do is to go to our train app, tap on the ‘Running status’ and enter your IRCTC train name or train number. Once you enter the train name or number, you will get the running status details of your train.

What is cell tower in train?

Cell Tower :- It’s this unique feature of this app that I envy the most. It gets the location of the network tower from where you are getting the signals and locate it on the map. And boom! You will get the exact location of yourself.

Who is Sachin Teke?

The creator. The creator of this application, Sachin Teke is an IT engineer and an alumnus of VJTI of the 2006 batch, he has an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. He began his career working for a software firm developing mobile applications.

What is green in M indicator?

You can also identify slow and fast trains easily as they will be demarcated with specific colours – green for slow and red for fast.

Which railway app is best?

Here are the 5 Best Indian Railway Apps for Android in 2019

  • Rail Yatri (Provides Common Railway Services)
  • NTES-National Train Enquiry System.
  • eRail.in (Semi-Official App)
  • iXigo (Best App Ever with All Features)
  • IRCTC Connect (Official Railway App)

Which is the best Indian railway app?