Where is the mansion in Dark Souls 2?

Majula Mansion (Abandoned House) An abandoned house located in the coastal hub area of Majula, not a separate area itself. Requires the House Key from Cale the Cartographer to gain access. Each bonfire with their intensity up to +10.

How do I get into the mansion in Majula?

The Majula Mansion is a large, mysterious house found in Majula. It can be accessed after obtaining the House Key from Cale the Cartographer. In addition to containing several useful items, the mansion includes a unique item chest, and an unlabeled map of Drangleic.

Can I get Cales helm without killing him?

Should Cale be killed before receiving his set of armor, he will drop his helm. You can get his helm by exhausting his dialogue after all the flames are lit! The rest of the armor can then be purchased from the Merchant Hag Melentia in Majula.

Where is Cale the cartographer?

the Forest of Fallen Giants
Location. Cale is first encountered in a mine-like area in the Forest of Fallen Giants. He will later relocate to the basement of the abandoned mansion in Majula after his dialogue is exhausted, The Last Giant is defeated, and the basement of the mansion has been cleared of enemies.

Is there poise in ds2?

Poise regenerates at 0.56 poise per second. You are fighting with 55 poise and your opponent hits you with a 1H R1 of the Rapier. Your poise is now lowered to 20 and you are not staggered.

How do I get aged feather Dark Souls 2?

The Aged Feather is an item acquired directly from the Emerald Herald. At the start of the Dragon Aerie, the Emerald Herald can be seen. Talk to her, and she will give the Aged Feather. This item can be used like a Homeward Bone an infinite number of times.

How do I get Cales helm?

Cale’s Helm is a Helm in Dark Souls 2….These will light up after reaching the following story milestones:

  1. Kill The Last Giant.
  2. Kill The Lost Sinner.
  3. Kill Old Iron King.
  4. Kill The Rotten.
  5. Kill The Duke’s Dear Freja.
  6. Obtain King’s Ring.
  7. Obtain Ashen Mist Heart.
  8. Kill Throne Watcher & Defender.

Where is the throne of want?

the Drangleic Castle
Travel to the first bonfire in the Drangleic Castle. Head left and open the door at the very end. Go down the stairs to enter the Throne of Want.

What increases poise ds2?

Endurance and Adaptability contribute to your natural poise if raised equally. In other words: if you have 20/40 END and ADP, the contribution to your poise will be limited by the lower, to 20. If you have 40/40 END and ADP, then the contribution to you poise from these stats will be 40.

How does poise work ds2?

Poise is the player’s resistance to being staggered. Poise works similar to stamina in that it is reduced and refills on its own. Poise is reduced each time the player takes a direct hit. Shields prevent damage to poise when used to block an attack, instead reducing the player’s stamina.