Where is the best surf at Byron Bay?

Byron’s Best Surf Beaches and Breaks

  • 1) The Pass. 15-minute drive from Elements of Byron.
  • 2) Tallow Beach. 13-minute drive from Elements of Byron.
  • 3) Broken Head Beach. 23-minute drive from Elements of Byron.
  • 4) Brunswick Heads Beach. 18-minute drive from Elements of Byron.
  • 5) Belongil Beach.
  • 6) Clarkes Beach.
  • 7) Wategos Beach.

How big are the Byron Bay waves?

Current Surf Report for Byron Bay Current Conditions

Low 3:47AM 1.21ft
High 9:39AM 4.46ft
Low 3:42PM 1.02ft
High 10:09PM 5.12ft

Does Byron Bay have waves?

Byron Bay’s famous waves were reportedly first ridden by lifeguards in the late 1920s, but it wasn’t until Bruce Brown (of The Endless Summer fame) showcased its famous right-hander, The Pass, to the world in Surfing Hollow Days (1961) that Byron became synonymous with surfing.

Is Byron Bay good to surf?

Byron Bay is easily one of the most iconic places in the world to surf. It may not be pumping yearly but its right hand point breaks and winter swell keep it in the top. If you’re a beginner surfer it’s a good idea to have a surf lesson to learn about the waves, and a bit about surfing etiquette.

Is Belongil beach good for surfing?

Belongil Beach is the first northerly beach and is about a one km walk north of Main Beach, it is a consistent beach good for all levels of surfing ability. It works best on a south easterly swell with an off-shore southerly or south westerly wind.

Where can I find the best Byron Bay surf reports?

Surfline.com offers the world’s most reliable Byron Bay surf reports with a surf report model and surf cam network that gives the surfer a precise reading on what the waves are doing at the best Byron Bay surf spots.

How busy is the pass beach in Byron Bay?

When the swell is an easy 2-3ft and south easterly you get the most beautiful waves gathering from the point. The Pass is often described as one of the best surf beaches in Australia so it’s Byron Bays most popular surf spot, therefore it can be busy.

Where’s the best South Coast beach in Byron Bay?

To cash in on smaller souths, you’ve gotta head south of the Cape to Tallow Beach, a lovely long clean sand stretch of occasionally superb quality beachbreaks. Protected from the northeast sea breeze, Tallows is the haunt of mobile surf schools, surfing families, and most of Byron’s hot young crop.

Why do so many people live in Byron Bay?

It may not be pumping yearly but its right hand point breaks and winter swell keep it in the top. Many Australians live in Byron Bay to surf with the beauty of Byron Bay being a deciding factor in settling into the surfing lifestyle here rather than elsewhere.