What is so good about Clarins Double Serum?

Clarins Double Serum acts on the appearance of major signs of skin-aging and contains 21 active plant extracts, including turmeric, renowned for its exceptional anti-aging properties. Skin is left looking more radiant, firmer, fine lines are smoothed and pores appear reduced.

How long does it take for Clarins Double Serum to work?

Clarins Double Serum is the brand’s #1 best selling anti-aging serum that is said to visibly firm, smooth, and boost radiance in just seven days. It is claimed to be suitable for all ages, all ethnicities, and all skin types — even the most sensitive skin.

What is best Clarins serum?

And the top-scorer is? Clarins Double Serum, which scored an impressive 88/100 overall in the Institute’s rigorous tests.

How many times a day should you use Clarins Double Serum?

A serum should be used once or twice daily in combination with your day and night creams – but always apply your serum before your moisturiser. The oil and water molecules in Double Serum are smaller than richer creams and moisturisers and penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.

Does Clarins Double Serum have hyaluronic acid?

But what’s really cool about this serum is that it not only contains heavy-hitting, anti-aging ingredients like skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and sun damage-reversing antioxidant green tea, it’s a mix of 70 percent water to 30 percent oil, which closely mimics your skin’s natural water to oil balance, giving your skin …

Does Clarins Double Serum have retinol?

It doesn’t contain retinol, and it isn’t going to get rid of any deep-set wrinkles. If you ask me, Double Serum is just healthy-looking skin in one very clever bottle. (It contains two vials to keep oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients separate for ultimate potency.)

Does Clarins Double Serum contain retinol?

Is there vitamin C in Clarins Double Serum?

Few serums pack an immediate glow-boosting punch quite like this high-strength vitamin C concoction. With vitamin C, coffee and green tea, this serum yields impressive antioxidant benefits as well as instant illumination.

Is Clarins Double Serum good for mature skin?

We recommend treating mature skin further with the best anti-aging serum for 50s, Double Serum, which targets the deeper layers of skin for intense nourishment and regeneration.

What is Clarins double serum?

– Clarins Double Serum: Two Powerful Anti-Aging Serums in One! Double Serum’s cutting-edge formula is powered by 21 potent plant extracts—including age-defying Turmeric—to effectively target all visible signs of aging. Clarins’ unique two-phase formula is inspired by the water and oil nature of the skin.

Which Clarins product is best for You?

Tested. Trusted. Recommended. Women around the world agree—Double Serum is our most powerful age control concentrate ever! With 65 years of anti-aging expertise, Clarins’ universal formula is ideal for people of all ages, all ethnicities and all skin types—even the most sensitive.

How long does Clarins face serum take to dry?

Once you’ve rubbed the serum into your face, apply a daytime or nighttime moisturizer. The drying time on the Clarins face serum is very long. In fact, it doesn’t really seem to dry at all. The product appears to sit on the skin, and slowly seep into your face and neck throughout the day or night.

What is Clarins’two-phase Formula?

Clarins’ unique two-phase formula is inspired by the water and oil nature of the skin. The iconic dual-chamber bottle houses the [Hydric + Lipidic] System and dispenses the perfect ratio of water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) ingredients. *Based on Clarins internal data Jan-Dec 2020.