How hard is the Flatiron hike?

Get to know this 5.50 mile, out and back trail near Apache Junction, Arizona. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 4 h 0 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

How long does it take to hike Flatiron Superstition Mountains?

about 4-5 Hours
Description. This will take you about 4-5 Hours and the elevation gain is 2781′ to Flatiron Summit (5057 ft.) and 2977′ to Superstition Peak #5024 (4861 ft) with 360 views and epic sunsets.

How long is Flatiron hike AZ?

About 6 miles round
Hiking to the Flatiron Length: About 6 miles round trip. How strenuous: Strenuous. The hike involves hand climbing and route finding. Getting there: From Phoenix, take U.S. 60 east to Idaho Road, then go north to State Route 88.

How tall is flat iron in the Superstition Mountains?

4,800 feet
The appropriately-named formation called the Flatiron — it looks, for all the world, like an iron — rests haughtily at 4,800 feet, near the pinnacle of the Superstition Mountains, the summit itself. The elevation at the jumping-off point, the Siphon Draw trailhead, is about 2,000′.

Can you climb the Superstition Mountains?

As one of Arizona’s most rugged ranges, the Superstitions offer tons of hiking from from Class 2 all the way up to technical rock climbing. Weaver’s Needle is a prominent volcanic plug monolith and perhaps the best landmark for navigation.

Is the Arizona trail well marked?

NAVIGATION. The AZT is well marked, but it is not heavily traveled like the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail itself can be challenging to follow at times so you should bring a guidebook or an AZT app on your mobile phone.

Why is it called Superstition Mountain?

These farm- ers were constantly hearing stories from the Pimas about how they feared the mountain. The farmers translated the Pima’s fear to mean superstitious, hence the name Superstition Moun- tain.

What’s the highest peak of Superstition Mountain?

Superstition MountainSuperstition Mountains / Highest point

Are there caves in the Superstition Mountains?

Among the glorious Superstition Mountains located in Apache Junction, Arizona, there’s a hidden gem cave that sticks out when you look up at Monument Canyon.

Is the Flatiron hike worth it?

The Flatiron is a 6-mile round trip hike highly ranked by most hikers. If switchbacks are your passion, this hike will show you the flip side. It’s a push (almost a climb) to the top, but well worth it. From the Siphon Draw Trailhead in Lost Dutchman State Park head out on the trail.

What is a flatiron Mesa?

Part of the formation, about 250’ below the summit and not far to the South, is an unusual tilted mesa called the Flatiron. It is literally an iron-shaped geologic feature that is the destination goal of most who make the attempt.

What happened to the 21-year-old hiker who fell on top of flat iron?

The 21-year-old hiker was reportedly camping with a friend on top of Flat Iron when he fell. Getty Images/iStockphoto A hiker trying to take a photo on an Arizona mountaintop slipped and fell to his death, authorities said.

What are the superstitions in Colorado?

Each summer (during the monsoons that travel up to Colorado by mid-afternoons) the great Thunder God roars his loudest, creating thunderstorms like no other, announcing his control over the mountain. Then there are the UFOs. It has been claimed that the Superstitions are the home of an under-ground base for aliens determined to abduct and probe us.